Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Short Update

Hello to my readers... however few of you there may be!

Not a whole lot has been happening at the Yackerz abode. I worked a bunch last week... it was pretty uneventful. Thursday I had my Akron U orientation and got my classes (Psych and Sociology) scheduled. One of the girls that I kind of got to know over the course of the day is in one of my classes! So that's good.
Saturday I worked a 9 hour shift, which was LONG, but not super eventful. Lots of cleaning.

Sunday was Father's Day. We did music at church. Got Subway for lunch... Played Bananagrams and Wits and Wagers. Walked up and down the street, since it was supposed to rain/storm. And we watched Inception. Which is a GREAT movie. I think that we need to buy it. Kaite had to work, though, which stank. But we had a good time.

Monday... yesterday... uhhh... I slept in. Ate lunch (yes, I got up that late). Went swimming, took a shower, cleaned. Ate dinner. Went to Tarbucks/the plaza with Kaytee and just chilled. We walked up and down our street for about an hour. It was awesome. I love her a whole lot. :)

Today I got up and ate breakfast... did a few things for BK, went swimming, took a shower, ate lunch, and now I'm blogging!

The rest of the day will be something along the lines of this: Finish this blog, clean up my room, read Emma, hang out with my family, annnnnd yeah! We're celebrating Father's Day for realz (aka dinner/dessert) tonight since Kaite had to work on Sunday.

Tomorrow Claire is coming! CRAZY! So exciting, though.
In case you didn't know, Claire is Kaite's host sister from France (aka Katie stayed with their family while she was in France)

So I guess I'll get started on that list of things I need to/want to do!

Thanks for reading, even though I'm terrible at keeping this up!

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