Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just wanted to let you know

I'm alive.
And busy.
But I should have time to post tomorrow.
I hope all o' y'all's weeks are going well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Ridiculous Tuesday Update

I'm tired, oh so tired, today.

Yesterday was... interesting.

I got up and got ready. I was running a leetle beet later than I wanted to be.
I was planning on going to McDonald's at 9 am for their hiring day. I was also planning on checking back at Panera before I went to McD's. It was about 9:15 by the time I left the house. I was all dressed in my interview clothing, ready to interview at McDonald's. I went into Panera and asked to talk to the hiring manager, who I knew was working yesterday because I checked to see when he was working on Monday. I asked him if he had had time to look at my application. He asked what my name was, I told him, and he was kinda like "oh..." and told me to wait a minute. He came back and we sat down in the restaurant area and he asked me a few questions (if I was related to Hannah, what I did when I worked for Mr. H, if I had a car, where I'd want to work, etc).  He told me that he had like, 5 other interviews that day, but he'd "probably hire [me]," but he had to interview the other people. His last interview was at 3:15, so he'd call me after that.

I went to the car and called Mom&Kaite and told them what he said. They said to come home and we'd wait for his call and if it was negative, I could still go to McDonald's and get an interview there.

SO. I came home and Katie and I got started on dipping stuff in chocolate. There is way tooo much stuff to list. If you're seriously interested, I'll make Katie do a "guest post" about the chocolate. :)

I went to lunch with BK @ Chipotle, which was delicious. We shot a video after lunch which involved multiple places and me in a body bag. I will post the link to the video once it's done :) It was fun. Despite the fact that I had to get in and out of a body bag about 7 times. In multiple public places. It'll be a good video. (You'll never see me, but you'll know that I'm there. Ha!)

After all that, we dipped more chocolate... I was on facebook for a while.

And then the phone rang.

The caller ID didn't say that it was Panera, but I answered it. It was indeed Panera.

B, the manager, never straight up said "you got the job," but he asked if I could come to orientation and Planet Bread (their training program) on Saturday. UH YEAHHH.
SO that was exciting!
I called Dad and told him... and then Meme and told her... and then Hannah and told her. Hannah definitely had the best reaction! She screamed and (by her description) ran across the street in glee and jumped in a puddle for good measure! So funny!
But we'll be co-workers this summer. And it'll be suuuuper awesome. :)

After all that shtuff.... I got ready for dance. Ate dinner (leftover Chipotle). Went to Urban Vision for ballet from 5:30-7, and then jazz and modern. I came home and crashed. I was exhausted.

And all of that activity yesterday made me suuuper tired today.
This lovely, crazy, hopefully-well-written post sums up my crazy getting-hired-getting-shot-in-a-body-bag-with-a-camera Tuesday.

Adios my readers!

Monday, April 18, 2011

This should probably have a title, huh?

Hannah told me that I have to keep blogging until she's done with school.
SO I continue to blog.

Saturday was... fairly boring. I read a whole lot. I went to Panera with BK for a bit to go over Easter stuff. Then we went to the AIRPORT and picked up KATIE! Then we came home and ate dinner and generally relaxed. We also ate cupcakes.

Sunday morning I got up and got ready. Kayla's family picked me up and we went to church. Sunday school was good. And then church. Yes. That was good too.

When we got home we ate lunch (birthday lunch) and I opened presents and we played BananaGrams, which I had just opened. Then it was time for Hannah to go back to Kent and me to go to The620 stuff.

I headed to Green Valley for Easter Sunday practice. Played guitar for a bit while waiting for people to get there. Sam and I traded songs (haha) and then we practiced. And then I headed to Kayla's house and they gave me a ride to youth group. Youth group was good. We planned a few things and got through our study.
I got home and then called BK to let him know how many more people were coming to Space Pirates vs Na'vi. He said they were still at the church, so I headed over there again and helped them shoot a video for God.Bar. Came home... relaxed a bit. Went to bed.

Got up this morning. Ate breakfast. Got ready for the day. Went a bunch of places with Kaite checking back at places jobs wise and picking up applications. We came home, ate lunch, filled out applications.
I babysat... annnnnd yes. We ate dinner, cleaned up, and went on a walk.
Now we're finishing watching You Again, which is a brilliantly funny, well cast, movie!

And then bed. And then McDonalds tomorrow morning bright and early for their hiring day. And then checking back at Panera. Woooooooo. Yay job hunting!

A'ight. I'm out for the night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Birthday Party

Hey-o! Yesterday was my birthday. It was a faabulous day!

I got up and did school... Opened my card from Meme&Pops... talked to Meme&Pops! Did school and more school. Mom went to the grocery store and then came home and we unloaded stuff and then we went to Tarje and got Icees for lunch (along with leftover quiche!). We had quiche and icees for lunch and watched part of Despicable Me. And thenn I worked on my paper a bit. And then I decorated cupcakes! Here are a few pictures of them:

The caramel colored frosting is peanut butter! Delishussss.
Then people arrived! Sean, Allie, Carrie, Nathan (and Jeff), and Adam came. It was a fun time!
We played Apples To Apples for a while, ate dinner, went to the basement and watched some YouTube videos (haha) and then played Spoons. And then we ate those cupcakes. They were gooooood.
After dessert we went downstairs again and played fooseball and more Apples to Apples. And then people left. It was a funtabulous time overall! Those people are funny. I like them. We should get together more often!

And that was the gist of my day! It was quite fun. And now I'm going to go finish working on my paper.
Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another catch-up!

A'ight, so you want to hear how life's been? It's comin'!

Friday, which I didn't really post about, was good. Did school, packed, babysat.
Saturday can be found in full here.
Sunday I got up and went to music practice. Did the usual Sunday-church-gig.
We went to a newer family's house for lunch, which was fun. We had pizza and generally just chilled and talked. It was quite fun!
We came home and I basically dumped my stuff/rearranged my stuff and headed out again for Nazirite DNA, Prayer&Worship hour, and youth group at The620.
After The620, we had a meeting about Easter Sunday (Sunrise service, baby! I'm probably going to shoot myself for agreeing to help with that... it means I have to be up at like, 6:15 on a Sunday morning...) and whatnot and then we cleaned up and Erin and I threatened to drink Brandon's iced tea... b'cuz we're cool like that. (And apparently Brandon can steal a girl's heart by using the word "privy" in conversation! Erin and I had a talk about that Wednesday... 'tis about to be hilarious up in here. (WOW. I'm white.))
Came home... Sunday night... finished writing my paper (rough draft) that was due on Monday and headed to bed.
Monday: Got up, went to school, did homework/whatever in study hall, ate delicious Matzo-Lasagna, had classes, came home, babysat, ate dinner, watched Chuck, went to bed.
Tuesday: Got up, discovered that Mom was sick :( I did school, went to Urban Vision (I drove, however Dad was in the car with me.) I taught ballet... and felt very inadequate as a teacher. Lauren took me to my dance classes. Danced for 2 hours. Came home. Got stuff together for Mom for Wednesday. Went to bed.

Wednesday I got up and went to Spanish and then came home with Adam&Sean. Went to the library, but realized half-way there that I didn't have Mom's library card. The lady at the library was slightly... ticked off at me for not having a card. (She had to look at my drivers license to get my last name and I had to confirm Mom's first name, yada yada yada.) I got an application for a library card.
After all that good stuff I came home and ate lunch. Then did some schooool. (Mom didn't teach because Mrs. J told her not to. :) Annnnnd I had bible study. That was goood. Dinner is always fun... I usually sit around Erin, Sam, Sarah, and Sam's family. Here's something y'all need to know: Sam hates the word "moist" and naturally, I work it into conversation as much as possible. Last night at dinner we were talking about words that bother us, and of course, Sam doesn't like "moist." Someone else doesn't like the word "glisten" and so on and so forth. I mentioned, mentioned, that I don't like it when people say "aks" instead of "ask" and so OF COURSE Sam starts "aksing" me a bunch of questions. I told him I was about to AX him. But it's all in good fun. Sort of ;)

Another random Wednesday night thing is that Erin will turn styrofoam cups inside out. She got Sam started on this and he basically turns every cup inside out plus some. Last night we had paper cups. I said something along the lines of "it's a bummer you can't turn your cup inside out" and he was like "challenge accepted." He turned his cup inside out, ripped it. Got a second up, successfully turned it inside out. I told him he should drink something out of it. So he did. I had already gotten up and gone to the room where we have our bible study, so he came and stood right outside the door and just took a drink from his cup. I busted up laughing and his dad, who was sitting next to me, got concerned. It was very funny.
(And it might have been a "you just had to be there" moment... we'll see.)

Bible study itself was really good! I love the people in my group. They're awesome.
After that I came home and watched American Idol and Breaking In and went to bed.

Today I got up, did school, ate lunch, did more school, babysat, ate dinner, went for a walk, showered, and watched American Idol and The Office. The Office was hilarious tonight! Will Ferrel and Steve Carell shouldn't be allowed to be on a show together. It's too funny.
Tomorrow is my birthday. 17. Nothing too exciting happens at 17. I can drive more than one non-family-member in my car? Yay? haha.

I don't have to babysit tomorrow, which was S's birthday present to me! haha (she still paid me. I like her!)

So. I shall now post this and go to bed. It's been a long recap, so it seems! It's not too bad looking over it again ;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday! (You should really do yourself a favor and go listen to this, this, and this! Amazing cello stuff!)

That's all for me!

Lil Sibs Weekend

Last weekend was an exciting one, however I'm a terrible blogger and haven't recorded it here! We (Me, EDD, EDP, ELT, and ENT) went to Kent State for what the title of this post clearly states: Lil' Sibs Weekend!
It was SO much fun!

Friday after I got home from babysitting, I finished packing up all my stuff and Mom, Dad, and I headed to Urban Vision to pick the girls up! On the way there (about half way), we realized that we had forgotten the release forms that their parents had signed and it was going to be impossible to turn around, get the forms, and get back in time to pick the girls up and get to Kent on time to get signed in.

So we decided that we were going to try to print some more and have their parents sign them again.
We got to Urban Vision and picked the girls up, Dad ran in and started the process of printing the papers. It took longer than expected, but we still managed to leave Akron around the time that we thought we would. And their forms got signed! So no worries there.

We got to Kent and picked up Hannah at her dorm and then headed to Eastway to sign in. It was CRAZY busy, however there was no one in the S-Z last name sign-in line! Which was a miracle. So we got signed in, got wristbands, and headed out. We started handing out t-shirts and realized that they had given us the wrong t-shirt sizes! So Hannah and Mom ran back in an got the correct t-shirt sizes and then it was off to dinner!

We ate at the Student Center (aka The Hub) and it was delishus. After dinner we said goodbye to the 'rents and headed back to Hannah's dorm where there was some Wii goin' on. We were a leetle beet confused and played Ninja for a while, but then Hannah realized where we actually needed to be, so we relocated and played Wii for a little bit. After a while more people showed up and Hannah and a couple of the girls had gone to a friend's room down the hall, so the few of us who were left relocated to P's room and hung out there for a bit and did some arts/crafts. So that was fun! P is an extremely nice person who knew the girls from Urban Vision.

After we left P's room, we went back to Hannah's room and got ready for bed and watched Despicable Me/fell asleep. I was in the "fell asleep" category. College will kill me. I'm quite certain of it!

In the morning we (Hannah and I!) slept in as much as possible and then got up and ate breakfast in Hannah's room. After brekkers we headed out to Centennial Field where some stuff was supposed to be happening. There was sand-art, pictures, and a face-painting station. Around 11 there was a guy from the Akron Zoo there with a few animals, so we saw that. He had a python (GORGEOUS), a parrot (very funny and cute, however I would never want to own one), and a scorpion (whose sting was less lethal than a bee sting! Interesting, eh?).

After all that stuff we headed back to Hannah's room to get changed for SWIMMING, what EDP was so excited about!
They all got changed (Eh Ler and I didn't because she wasn't feeling well) and we headed to the Rec center. We ate lunch there (we had tickets for a free lunch... which consisted of a hot-dog, a bag of chips, and a can of pop. Yay?) and then Eh Ler and I walked back to Hannah's room and watched Alice In Wonderland. After that, Eh Ler took a nap and I had a quiet time and watched part of How To Train Your Dragon.
They got back from swimming around 4 o'clock and showered and whatnot and then we headed to DINNER.

We ate dinner at Eastway with Michelle. We talked and laughed a whole lot! There was a group of h2o people eating there as well, so Kait and Maegan came over and talked to us for a while.

We sat in our corner booth after dinner for about an hour and played cards and then headed to the Kiva for Tangled!

We stood in the lobby for a while because they hadn't opened the doors yet. Yes, we were early, but we didn't want to not get seats. It had seemed like a lot of people were going to see Tangled, so we wanted to get there early. They opened the doors and we sat down (three (EDP, EDD, ENT) in front of three (Me, Eh Ler, Hannah) so we didn't take up as much room, or w/e). Hannah Yurk came and sat by us... she also knows the girls from Urban Vision! (It was crazy how many people they knew hah!)

We watched Tangled, which was AMAZING even the third time around. I love love love this movie and hope that I receive it tomorrow for my birthday!
It was fantastic.

After Tangled we headed to the car where Mom and Dad were waiting for us! We went back to Hannah's room and gathered our stuff and went home.

It was a great, tiring weekend full of laughter!
And that's that for Lil Sibs Weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Life Update

I'm really horrible at posting these days now that I'm not doing NIPTO! Sorry about that...

I last posted about the concert on Friday.
Saturday I got up and ate breakfast and then went to Green Valley for Youth Leadership with Brandon and Erin... and that was everyone who was there. But we got a lot planned and then Erin and I straightened Brandon's hair. It looked gooood. But he got it wet and it got curly again. :(

That afternoon I came home and ate lunch with Mom, Dad, and Meme. Meme left and Mom and I talked to Kaite over Skype for about an hour, and went through her closet to figure out what to throw out before she left France.
In the evening Mom&Dad's small group came over and Kayla, Alexis and I babysat. It was fun to hang out with them and watch the kiddos.
After everyone left I'm pretty sure I went to bed. haha

Sunday morning... got up and got ready, went to church and sat through band practice, ended up singing with Jeremiah's group, and then went to Sunday School and whatnot.

Sunday afternoon... I think we went for a walk... I think I did some homework... and then I went to Nazirite DNA, half of the Prayer&Worship time and then Kayla and I headed back to my house to pick Dad up (haha) and then we went to youth group. It was fun! Dad talked about why he believes what he believes and we played Ninja.
Came home, went to bed, the usual deal.

Monday: Got up, got ready for school, went to school, did school in study hall, ate lunch, had lit class and SAT class. Came home, babysat. Nothing too unusual about Monday... ate dinner, watched a re-run of Chuck. Watched an episode of Monk, went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up, did school, went to Urban Vision (gym, reading, gym, computer lab (math), dinner, reading, homework), had a too-short ballet class (we have very few classes left and they still don't really know their dance. *cue freaking out...*), went to my dance classes. Our creepy doll dance is going to be SO good. And I have a solo-bit! Exciting.
Came home, ate a little bit, went to bed.

Wednesday: Got up and my back hurt. I think I pulled a muscle the night before at dance from doing a pas de chat... drove to Spanish because Sean&Adam have had some transportation issues. Came home after Spanish and did school... played some music, worked on my paper a bit. Mom got home and then I babysat (which is not a usual Wednesday thing). I made him do half of his math homework (which is what he's supposed to do) and he was kinda mad at me. haha. But he got to play outside after, so that was good.

I came home and then had to leave about 5 minutes after for bible study. Before I left I realized that I left my phone @ N's house, so I ran back to his house and grabbed it and then headed to bible study.
We had spaghetti, bread, salad, and fruit for dinner... and some moist cake for dessert and cherry cobbler. Yum.
Our discussion was interesting. I didn't participate a whole lot. But it was interesting.
Came home. Watched the end of American Idol. Watched a new show called Breaking In that was decent. Annnnd then went to bed.

Today I got up and did school. And watched an interesting 30-minute film about child sex trafficking that was called The Candy Shop. It was very thought provoking. You can find it here.

I worked on my paper some more. I hope this gets done soon. Because TOMORROW I'm going to Kent with my Karen sisters ;) for Lil Sibs Weekend with Hannah! :)
I'm excited for that.
I babysat today and it seemed like it should be Friday because I babysat yesterday too, however, it's Thursday.
After babysitting I came home and ate dinner with the fam, and then Mom left for her bible study and Dad and I watched The Biggest Loser and American Idol.

So nowwww. I'm here.
And tomorrow is another day.
And I need to go to bed.
But I hope this was informative.
Kaite's traveling tomorrow! Crazy.

Okay. I'm going to read her blog from today and then go to bed.
G'night, y'all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, last time I blogged was Friday afternoon. After I blogged Meme came! It was so much fun to just sit around and talk for a while!

We ate dinner (quiche) and then Dad and I left for the concert!

We drove around Akron for a bit trying to find a place to park, eventually found a place, and walked about a block to Musica.
We stood in line for about... 25 minutes? Yeah. I think so. Erin came soon after we got there and joined us in line. We talked about the differences between iPhones and Droids. (Erin has an iPhone, Dad has a Droid)
Dad eventually walked through the line and asked around to see if anyone had an extra ticket. He found one! Some girl's sister canceled on her because she felt like she was coming down with strep. So Brandon got Strep-Girl's ticket. Haha.

We got in and stood around. For a long time. Dad and Erin talked for a long time. We looked at merch. I thought about getting a shirt, but they didn't have it in the size I wanted :( I wasn't going to spend $20 on a shirt that didn't fit. Maybe next time... or MAYBE I'll have Anna get me an Owl City t-shirt when she goes to see him this summer...

Anyways. Yes. We stood around. We saw a couple people that we knew, talked to some of them. The show was supposed to start at 8... it didn't start until 8:30ish. Brandon got there about 8:25. HAH. He's such a boy.

It was a FANTASTIC show! Arum Rae from White Dress was AMAZING. Her guitar skillz were awesome and she could whistle very well! haha.

Here are a few pictures from the night so far:

The Venue

Pretty butterflies on the wall

A picture Dad told me to take. "Because it's cool"

DUH. Dance!

The standing-room-only with only a few people.

I thought this was cool. 

Erin&Me before the show started :)

Arum Rae! She was so good!

Guitar skills right there!
Around 9:15 The Civil Wars started playing. They are simply amazing. They have great harmonization and tone-matching. I love them. And Joy Williams is so stinkin' cute! She&John Paul White are so amazing together. Here are my [good] pictures that I took! (A couple of them are screen shots from videos that I liked :)

John Paul tuning before they started

Isn't her smile adorable?

FAVORITE picture that I took all night!

My wrist-band :)

Tweaking his bow-tie


Someone's up to something... :)
So yes. That was my night. Dad and I came home and I went to bed. I'll upload some videos sometime maybe?
We'll see. Maybe if you beg. HA.
That's it for tonight.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm deleting my blog.

Haaaaaaaa. April Fools! I'm definitely not deleting my blog. (And if you play White Rabbit, Red Chicken.)

The past couple days have been... boring?

Wednesday I chatted with Katie a bit. It snowed a ton. I drove to and from Bible Study successfully and didn't get into an accident (it wasn't icy... just wet&snowy). 
Bible study was really good. We're going through Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer. This week we looked at Scriptural Prayer. We did Lectio Divina! :) (That brings back fond Sunday School memories from my Freshman(?) year!) We did Lectio Divina during our hour of study and it was fantastic! I think that great things will be happening soon... more on that in another post, hopefully!

After my study I came home and watched American Idol and then went to bed.

Thursday, yesterday, I got up and checked and saw that my SAT scores were ready. *Freak out* 
I did okay (and surprisingly scored the highest on math!). I will take it again. I'm going to take the ACT again without writing. (There's your update on my standardized testing!)

D, H&E came over and we babysat them while Jay&Ang took Z to look at pre-schools. He's going into PRESCHOOL? Yeah. Weird.
They were pretty good. D plays well by himself, E is a content, happy baby, and H was pretty upset when J&A left, but D started singing Jesus Loves Me and she quieted right down! So whenever she started crying we would sing to her. Eventually, she fell asleep.

After they left, we ate lunch. I did school. Chatted with Kate for a bit. Had a quiet time. Cleaned my room. Ate dinner. Made brownies (with chocolate chips and walnuts! YUM). Relaxed for a while. Watched American Idol results and Mobbed. Mobbed is a fairly neat show where someone wants to tell someone something, so they get a flash mob together to tell them. On last night's premier episode a guy proposed to his girlfriend, and then they got married. All in the same... hour? Couple of hours? Yeah. Insane. If my boyfriend EVER did that to me I would kill him.

But yes.
I went to bed after that.

Got up this morning. Ate breakfast. Did school. And now it's 1:15 and I haven't eaten lunch yet.
I think that's next on the agenda. 
After lunch will be geometry. 
Meme might be coming over today through tomorrow! Which would be exciting.
I'm going to THE Civil Wars concert tonight. I am SO excited. 
Brandon, the genius that he is, forgot to buy a ticket. And the show is sold out. So, what's going to happen is Brandon is going to buy Dad's ticket from him and he and Erin will be my chaperons for the evening. 
Or if there are people selling tickets for exorbitant prices outside of Musica, he might buy one of those and Dad will still go. Either way it will be fun. But more fun if Dad could still go too.

I have a feeling that tomorrow during the Youth Leadership meeting Brandon, Erin, and I will be a leetle beet tired. Just a feeling.

I'll try to take lots of pictures. And I will try to post some of them here if I'm not too exhausted tomorrow!

Au revoir!