Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lil Sibs Weekend

Last weekend was an exciting one, however I'm a terrible blogger and haven't recorded it here! We (Me, EDD, EDP, ELT, and ENT) went to Kent State for what the title of this post clearly states: Lil' Sibs Weekend!
It was SO much fun!

Friday after I got home from babysitting, I finished packing up all my stuff and Mom, Dad, and I headed to Urban Vision to pick the girls up! On the way there (about half way), we realized that we had forgotten the release forms that their parents had signed and it was going to be impossible to turn around, get the forms, and get back in time to pick the girls up and get to Kent on time to get signed in.

So we decided that we were going to try to print some more and have their parents sign them again.
We got to Urban Vision and picked the girls up, Dad ran in and started the process of printing the papers. It took longer than expected, but we still managed to leave Akron around the time that we thought we would. And their forms got signed! So no worries there.

We got to Kent and picked up Hannah at her dorm and then headed to Eastway to sign in. It was CRAZY busy, however there was no one in the S-Z last name sign-in line! Which was a miracle. So we got signed in, got wristbands, and headed out. We started handing out t-shirts and realized that they had given us the wrong t-shirt sizes! So Hannah and Mom ran back in an got the correct t-shirt sizes and then it was off to dinner!

We ate at the Student Center (aka The Hub) and it was delishus. After dinner we said goodbye to the 'rents and headed back to Hannah's dorm where there was some Wii goin' on. We were a leetle beet confused and played Ninja for a while, but then Hannah realized where we actually needed to be, so we relocated and played Wii for a little bit. After a while more people showed up and Hannah and a couple of the girls had gone to a friend's room down the hall, so the few of us who were left relocated to P's room and hung out there for a bit and did some arts/crafts. So that was fun! P is an extremely nice person who knew the girls from Urban Vision.

After we left P's room, we went back to Hannah's room and got ready for bed and watched Despicable Me/fell asleep. I was in the "fell asleep" category. College will kill me. I'm quite certain of it!

In the morning we (Hannah and I!) slept in as much as possible and then got up and ate breakfast in Hannah's room. After brekkers we headed out to Centennial Field where some stuff was supposed to be happening. There was sand-art, pictures, and a face-painting station. Around 11 there was a guy from the Akron Zoo there with a few animals, so we saw that. He had a python (GORGEOUS), a parrot (very funny and cute, however I would never want to own one), and a scorpion (whose sting was less lethal than a bee sting! Interesting, eh?).

After all that stuff we headed back to Hannah's room to get changed for SWIMMING, what EDP was so excited about!
They all got changed (Eh Ler and I didn't because she wasn't feeling well) and we headed to the Rec center. We ate lunch there (we had tickets for a free lunch... which consisted of a hot-dog, a bag of chips, and a can of pop. Yay?) and then Eh Ler and I walked back to Hannah's room and watched Alice In Wonderland. After that, Eh Ler took a nap and I had a quiet time and watched part of How To Train Your Dragon.
They got back from swimming around 4 o'clock and showered and whatnot and then we headed to DINNER.

We ate dinner at Eastway with Michelle. We talked and laughed a whole lot! There was a group of h2o people eating there as well, so Kait and Maegan came over and talked to us for a while.

We sat in our corner booth after dinner for about an hour and played cards and then headed to the Kiva for Tangled!

We stood in the lobby for a while because they hadn't opened the doors yet. Yes, we were early, but we didn't want to not get seats. It had seemed like a lot of people were going to see Tangled, so we wanted to get there early. They opened the doors and we sat down (three (EDP, EDD, ENT) in front of three (Me, Eh Ler, Hannah) so we didn't take up as much room, or w/e). Hannah Yurk came and sat by us... she also knows the girls from Urban Vision! (It was crazy how many people they knew hah!)

We watched Tangled, which was AMAZING even the third time around. I love love love this movie and hope that I receive it tomorrow for my birthday!
It was fantastic.

After Tangled we headed to the car where Mom and Dad were waiting for us! We went back to Hannah's room and gathered our stuff and went home.

It was a great, tiring weekend full of laughter!
And that's that for Lil Sibs Weekend!

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