Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Birthday Party

Hey-o! Yesterday was my birthday. It was a faabulous day!

I got up and did school... Opened my card from Meme&Pops... talked to Meme&Pops! Did school and more school. Mom went to the grocery store and then came home and we unloaded stuff and then we went to Tarje and got Icees for lunch (along with leftover quiche!). We had quiche and icees for lunch and watched part of Despicable Me. And thenn I worked on my paper a bit. And then I decorated cupcakes! Here are a few pictures of them:

The caramel colored frosting is peanut butter! Delishussss.
Then people arrived! Sean, Allie, Carrie, Nathan (and Jeff), and Adam came. It was a fun time!
We played Apples To Apples for a while, ate dinner, went to the basement and watched some YouTube videos (haha) and then played Spoons. And then we ate those cupcakes. They were gooooood.
After dessert we went downstairs again and played fooseball and more Apples to Apples. And then people left. It was a funtabulous time overall! Those people are funny. I like them. We should get together more often!

And that was the gist of my day! It was quite fun. And now I'm going to go finish working on my paper.
Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

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