Monday, April 18, 2011

This should probably have a title, huh?

Hannah told me that I have to keep blogging until she's done with school.
SO I continue to blog.

Saturday was... fairly boring. I read a whole lot. I went to Panera with BK for a bit to go over Easter stuff. Then we went to the AIRPORT and picked up KATIE! Then we came home and ate dinner and generally relaxed. We also ate cupcakes.

Sunday morning I got up and got ready. Kayla's family picked me up and we went to church. Sunday school was good. And then church. Yes. That was good too.

When we got home we ate lunch (birthday lunch) and I opened presents and we played BananaGrams, which I had just opened. Then it was time for Hannah to go back to Kent and me to go to The620 stuff.

I headed to Green Valley for Easter Sunday practice. Played guitar for a bit while waiting for people to get there. Sam and I traded songs (haha) and then we practiced. And then I headed to Kayla's house and they gave me a ride to youth group. Youth group was good. We planned a few things and got through our study.
I got home and then called BK to let him know how many more people were coming to Space Pirates vs Na'vi. He said they were still at the church, so I headed over there again and helped them shoot a video for God.Bar. Came home... relaxed a bit. Went to bed.

Got up this morning. Ate breakfast. Got ready for the day. Went a bunch of places with Kaite checking back at places jobs wise and picking up applications. We came home, ate lunch, filled out applications.
I babysat... annnnnd yes. We ate dinner, cleaned up, and went on a walk.
Now we're finishing watching You Again, which is a brilliantly funny, well cast, movie!

And then bed. And then McDonalds tomorrow morning bright and early for their hiring day. And then checking back at Panera. Woooooooo. Yay job hunting!

A'ight. I'm out for the night.

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I appreciate it. :-)

Hope job hunting ends in success!