Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm deleting my blog.

Haaaaaaaa. April Fools! I'm definitely not deleting my blog. (And if you play White Rabbit, Red Chicken.)

The past couple days have been... boring?

Wednesday I chatted with Katie a bit. It snowed a ton. I drove to and from Bible Study successfully and didn't get into an accident (it wasn't icy... just wet&snowy). 
Bible study was really good. We're going through Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer. This week we looked at Scriptural Prayer. We did Lectio Divina! :) (That brings back fond Sunday School memories from my Freshman(?) year!) We did Lectio Divina during our hour of study and it was fantastic! I think that great things will be happening soon... more on that in another post, hopefully!

After my study I came home and watched American Idol and then went to bed.

Thursday, yesterday, I got up and checked and saw that my SAT scores were ready. *Freak out* 
I did okay (and surprisingly scored the highest on math!). I will take it again. I'm going to take the ACT again without writing. (There's your update on my standardized testing!)

D, H&E came over and we babysat them while Jay&Ang took Z to look at pre-schools. He's going into PRESCHOOL? Yeah. Weird.
They were pretty good. D plays well by himself, E is a content, happy baby, and H was pretty upset when J&A left, but D started singing Jesus Loves Me and she quieted right down! So whenever she started crying we would sing to her. Eventually, she fell asleep.

After they left, we ate lunch. I did school. Chatted with Kate for a bit. Had a quiet time. Cleaned my room. Ate dinner. Made brownies (with chocolate chips and walnuts! YUM). Relaxed for a while. Watched American Idol results and Mobbed. Mobbed is a fairly neat show where someone wants to tell someone something, so they get a flash mob together to tell them. On last night's premier episode a guy proposed to his girlfriend, and then they got married. All in the same... hour? Couple of hours? Yeah. Insane. If my boyfriend EVER did that to me I would kill him.

But yes.
I went to bed after that.

Got up this morning. Ate breakfast. Did school. And now it's 1:15 and I haven't eaten lunch yet.
I think that's next on the agenda. 
After lunch will be geometry. 
Meme might be coming over today through tomorrow! Which would be exciting.
I'm going to THE Civil Wars concert tonight. I am SO excited. 
Brandon, the genius that he is, forgot to buy a ticket. And the show is sold out. So, what's going to happen is Brandon is going to buy Dad's ticket from him and he and Erin will be my chaperons for the evening. 
Or if there are people selling tickets for exorbitant prices outside of Musica, he might buy one of those and Dad will still go. Either way it will be fun. But more fun if Dad could still go too.

I have a feeling that tomorrow during the Youth Leadership meeting Brandon, Erin, and I will be a leetle beet tired. Just a feeling.

I'll try to take lots of pictures. And I will try to post some of them here if I'm not too exhausted tomorrow!

Au revoir!


H. Yackley said...

Guess who did Lectio Divina today?? This girl! and about 10 other people? Worship retreat. Yup. Good times. Psalm 57: 7-11

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