Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another catch-up!

A'ight, so you want to hear how life's been? It's comin'!

Friday, which I didn't really post about, was good. Did school, packed, babysat.
Saturday can be found in full here.
Sunday I got up and went to music practice. Did the usual Sunday-church-gig.
We went to a newer family's house for lunch, which was fun. We had pizza and generally just chilled and talked. It was quite fun!
We came home and I basically dumped my stuff/rearranged my stuff and headed out again for Nazirite DNA, Prayer&Worship hour, and youth group at The620.
After The620, we had a meeting about Easter Sunday (Sunrise service, baby! I'm probably going to shoot myself for agreeing to help with that... it means I have to be up at like, 6:15 on a Sunday morning...) and whatnot and then we cleaned up and Erin and I threatened to drink Brandon's iced tea... b'cuz we're cool like that. (And apparently Brandon can steal a girl's heart by using the word "privy" in conversation! Erin and I had a talk about that Wednesday... 'tis about to be hilarious up in here. (WOW. I'm white.))
Came home... Sunday night... finished writing my paper (rough draft) that was due on Monday and headed to bed.
Monday: Got up, went to school, did homework/whatever in study hall, ate delicious Matzo-Lasagna, had classes, came home, babysat, ate dinner, watched Chuck, went to bed.
Tuesday: Got up, discovered that Mom was sick :( I did school, went to Urban Vision (I drove, however Dad was in the car with me.) I taught ballet... and felt very inadequate as a teacher. Lauren took me to my dance classes. Danced for 2 hours. Came home. Got stuff together for Mom for Wednesday. Went to bed.

Wednesday I got up and went to Spanish and then came home with Adam&Sean. Went to the library, but realized half-way there that I didn't have Mom's library card. The lady at the library was slightly... ticked off at me for not having a card. (She had to look at my drivers license to get my last name and I had to confirm Mom's first name, yada yada yada.) I got an application for a library card.
After all that good stuff I came home and ate lunch. Then did some schooool. (Mom didn't teach because Mrs. J told her not to. :) Annnnnd I had bible study. That was goood. Dinner is always fun... I usually sit around Erin, Sam, Sarah, and Sam's family. Here's something y'all need to know: Sam hates the word "moist" and naturally, I work it into conversation as much as possible. Last night at dinner we were talking about words that bother us, and of course, Sam doesn't like "moist." Someone else doesn't like the word "glisten" and so on and so forth. I mentioned, mentioned, that I don't like it when people say "aks" instead of "ask" and so OF COURSE Sam starts "aksing" me a bunch of questions. I told him I was about to AX him. But it's all in good fun. Sort of ;)

Another random Wednesday night thing is that Erin will turn styrofoam cups inside out. She got Sam started on this and he basically turns every cup inside out plus some. Last night we had paper cups. I said something along the lines of "it's a bummer you can't turn your cup inside out" and he was like "challenge accepted." He turned his cup inside out, ripped it. Got a second up, successfully turned it inside out. I told him he should drink something out of it. So he did. I had already gotten up and gone to the room where we have our bible study, so he came and stood right outside the door and just took a drink from his cup. I busted up laughing and his dad, who was sitting next to me, got concerned. It was very funny.
(And it might have been a "you just had to be there" moment... we'll see.)

Bible study itself was really good! I love the people in my group. They're awesome.
After that I came home and watched American Idol and Breaking In and went to bed.

Today I got up, did school, ate lunch, did more school, babysat, ate dinner, went for a walk, showered, and watched American Idol and The Office. The Office was hilarious tonight! Will Ferrel and Steve Carell shouldn't be allowed to be on a show together. It's too funny.
Tomorrow is my birthday. 17. Nothing too exciting happens at 17. I can drive more than one non-family-member in my car? Yay? haha.

I don't have to babysit tomorrow, which was S's birthday present to me! haha (she still paid me. I like her!)

So. I shall now post this and go to bed. It's been a long recap, so it seems! It's not too bad looking over it again ;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday! (You should really do yourself a favor and go listen to this, this, and this! Amazing cello stuff!)

That's all for me!

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Anonymous said...

Goodness, Abby, why did you feel inadequate? I'm really hopin' that was a lame joke of some kind....

:) You're amazing as a dance teacher! Period.