Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wait, what month is it again?

SO I've been slacking. But now I'll post 2 times in one day.

SINCE the first time I posted today it has snowed an inordinate amount. Like... inches. I believe.
INSANE. It actually snowed that much in about an hour and a half. I just checked and it says it snowed 1.7 inches. I think it snowed more. But WHAT month is it? Yeah. MARCH.

When I got out of my car at bible study/small group/whatever you want to call it, and Keith threw a snowball at me :( He missed. HA! And then when I left, he threw a snowball at my car. And made it. (A car is much larger target than I am! hah)

Here are a couple of pictures of the crazy snow:

Yeah. Okay. I'm done now.
With this blog AND the snow.
Yuck. When we wake up the snow will be gone and it'll be 60*, right? Right.

TRUTH: I can be a slacker.

My sister kindly posted on my wall (and I read the e-mail that got sent to my, well, e-mail. I'm off Facebook until next Saturday.) and told me that she doesn't know what's going on in my life if I don't blog.
Hence, I'm blogging, and I'm a slacker.

Last time I blogged... was on Friday? But that wasn't even really a complete blog post. That was a Five Minute Friday. So... the last time I blogged was... LAST Monday. Errr. Yeah. I'm a slacker. I started a post, but never finished it.
Here's what I had written so far:

Not much has been happening minus minor heath issues. But even that's not that much.

Monday-Didn't feel good. Had heartburn.
Tuesday-Lightheaded, dizzy, sinus headache, generally not feeling good.
Wednesday- Almost completely better.

That was it so far. We ended up not going to Urban Vision/Ballet because I knew that I couldn't teach/help out at UV much, and Mom wasn't feeling well either. And it was spring break for dance, so I didn't have to worry about that.

Wednesday I was almost completely fine. I went to school and everything. Went to bible study. That was about it for Wednesday I think.

Thursday I did school, babysat (and it feels like I had to fight him to read... but I don't remember. It obviously wasn't that bad!), and went to see Annie Jr. at the High school, put on by the Middle school. Sam and Matt (fellow youth groupies) were in it and it was really fun! I love musicals. There's just something about them that makes me very happy.

Friday I did school, babysat, and then the Rhorigs, Hares, and Horstmans came over. It was SO much fun! We ate dinner and whatnot and then all of us kids went downstairs and played Catchphrase and Wii Bowling. So that was fun. Eventually we all wandered upstairs and sat with the adults. And then people left. :(

Saturday I slept in... annnd... I don't really remember what I did in the morning/afternoon. The Karen girls came over. We hung out and stuff. Played outside some. Did some Sudoku. They went home and we ate dinner and then watched some Monk. And then we went to bed.

Sunday: Got up, went to Sunday School. Kay taught, which was fun! She talked about Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which is currently on hold for me at the library. Aaaaand then it was church time. And so we did that thing. haha. After church there was a chili luncheon. So we ate chili. And talked. And Jeremiah ate all of Nathan's fruit while he was getting something else. It was quite funny.
After church we came home and I finished painting the moon on our Space Pirates (v Navi) flag. We went on a walk. I went to Nazirite DNA. Which we actually didn't read. We ended up praying that entire time. And then we prayed some more. We started a prayer wall. Which I want to add to tonight while I'm at my bible study! Then there was youth group.Which was fun, as always.
We ended up staying until almost 9 (an hour after youth group ends) taking pictures on BK's computer. HILARIOUS. I love those people. Well, at that point it was me, Kayla, Aliza, Sam, Erin, and Brandon. But we eventually left. Haha. Then Dad and I took Kayla home. Annnnd then I typed up my lit questions and watched Undercover Boss and then went to bed.

Monday: Got up, went to school. Did school in study hall. Ate taco salad for lunch. Talked to Christopher and Kaitlyn! They came to visit Julia because they're on spring break this week. So that was fun.
Then Lit class. And SAT. Those were pretty normal.
Came home. And I'm pretty sure I was on the computer the rest of the day? Don't really remember. I think we watched more Monk because Chuck was not on this week. Went to bed.

Tuesday (yesterday!): Got up, got ready, went to Panera with Katie, went to Pet Supplies Plus to get food for Rigby, Katie's snake, and then came home. Did a little school, went back up to Panera to introduce myself to their hiring manager. Came home. Did more school. Watched Make it or Break it during lunch. Yay! Went to Urban Vision (Gym, Reading, Gym, Computer Lab-math, Dinner (pasta), Reading, homework)

I went up to the ballet studio about half an hour before class started to finish choreographing their dance and to prep a little bit. Ballet class was altogether toooooo short. We have 6 (probably 7) classes (if I have one during spring break) left before their performance. *Cue freak out* haha

After ballet I went to dance. We learned more of Black&Gold (Jazz dance) and worked a WHOLE lot on Aha! It's going to be such a good dance. It's a creepy doll dance. And we're creepy all right. It's so good. Haha

After dance I came home and crashed.

Today I got up, got ready, went to Spanish class. Spanish was different today because we worked on our Ejercicios on our own/in groups but without Mrs. Jones. So. That was interesting. And probably a whole lot less productive than if Mrs. Jones had been helping us, but I think it was good for us to do them on our own.
Kind of. When she told us that she wasn't helping, Sean looked at me and was like "Okay, Abby, give us all the answers!" And I told him that they might have to do the exercises "sin migo tambien" haha (without me too).
After Spanish was study hall... where I did almost all of my school. Then Mom came. And took me home for reasons which you will find out in a moment.

I ate lunch/watched an episode of Monk. Finished Physics. Had a bit o' a quiet time. Got dressed in my interview clothing and went to Chipotle. They had open interviews today, so I went! Unfortunately, I did not get a job. You have to be 18 to work there. Which seems slightly dumb, but it's the rules. So I came home and caught up on blogs a bit and now I'm writing this! After this... I might watch a movie or some TV. Chillax, you know.

That's it for me!
Hope you're doing well, whoever you are. And that you got through this post. It seems lengthy. However, I'm not re-reading it. I will run spell-check though! hah

Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Waking Up

Waking up on a Friday morning is difficult. I roll over and smack my phone and hit the 5 minute snooze button. How appropo. 5 minutes of sleeping in on a 5 minute Friday. I roll over again and half way sit up knowing that a full day is ahead of me. I open my eyes and stare. I'm not sure at what. I half sit up and try to stay awake. I look at my phone again. Two more minutes of bliss. Two more minutes of not having responsibilities. Two more minutes of laying in my warm bed with the bright light streaming in my window. I sit up and think about what has to be done today. My two minutes are consumed by the thoughts of what will come today. My phone buzzes and I turn the alarm off. I roll out of bed and begin my day.

END 5 minutes.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey people!
It's been forever since I posted, so it seems.

This weekend was a good one. And I found out what I'm going to do in my spare time this summer. More on that in a moment.

Friday Mom and Dad's small group came over and had their study, so Kayla came and helped me babysit. We managed to get the kiddos to watch UP for most of the movie... we sat behind the couch (if you know our basement, you know that isn't as weird as it sounds) and talked about whatever. Which was fun.
After UP was over we "played" CLUE. Z asked me "How do you play this game?" And I told him that to win you had to go in every room and then up the stairs. haha. So they played that for a bit and then I was a "bad babysitter" and "made" them sit in front of the TV and they watched Bambi. The adults finished up upstairs and so some of us made our way upstairs and ate some dessert. Everyone left after a while and I took a shower and went to bed!

Sunday I got up and got ready for church and whatnot. We had music practice and then church, sunday school, church. Kayla came home with us and we had lunch and then we worked on the flag for Space Pirates vs Na'vi. Speaking of which I should probably update the facebook event/website. BUT. We decorated the flag. And it's EPIC. We outlined a few things, painted the flag ON the flag black, and then we SPLATTER PAINTED IT. And that's what I'm doing in my spare time this summer. It's SO much fun.
So we did that. And then chilled for a bit. Annnnnd then we went to Nazarite DNA and then IMPACT. I came home and Mom, Dad, and I watched the end of The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss. Both interesting shows. I typed up my lit questions while we watched those and then printed them and went to bed.

MONDAY. Got up. Got ready. Didn't eat breakfast (until I was at school) because I didn't feel like it. Went to school. Ate some yogurt and peanut butter crackers. Kept doin' school. Didn't feel great. booooo. So from about 10:30 this morning until... NOW. I've had heartburn. On and off. I'm too young to have heartburn, right? hahha. No. Apparently not. At 11 I move into Mom's class room and then 12-12:30 is lunch... of which I ate... a cheese stick and a yogurt. And they had turkey burgers for lunch. I'm jealous. But I wasn't really feelin' the food. Then we had lit class... We're reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Which is a fantastic book. I'm not sure what I'm going to write my paper on, but I'll figure it out. If you have any suggestions, they'd be appreciated :)
After Lit is SAT... which I sat through with my glasses off and head against the wall, half listening. Occasionally throwing out an answer. Ya know =P
Then we loaded up and headed to the bank to do a few things and I got job applications at the library and DQ. Filled those out for the most part when I got home and then babysat. Babysitting consisted of reading and watching him play basketball/capture the flag with the next door neighbor.
Then I came home. Mom made pancakes and eggs and sausage.
Then I sat around and read Little Women and tried to get comfortable. Eventually I started watching Jeopardy! and Mom looked up on WebMD why my back would hurt in addition to the heartburn. She read that a heating pad on the back might help, so she got me one of those and it's still warm :)
I watched Chuck... which was awesome! As usual. Things are going to be happening on Chuck... good or bad. Not sure. hah.

I feel much better now. So I think I'm going to quit while I'm ahead and go to bed.
Hope this was a good semi-comprehensive update of my life!
As always, if there's anything else you want to know, leave it in the comments! (Katie, DQ&the library were the first paper applications I've filled out so far, the rest were online. But I have applied to Starbucks and Subway. I'm working on Famous Footwear and Regal Cinemas at the moment.)

That's all for now!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I guess I should tell y'all...



And that's about it. 

Well. I guess not.
It's been gorgeous in O-H...... (I-O)
Good weather. About 60, 65. 
I'm applying for about 15 jobs. 
A bunch o jobs. On St. Patrick's day. Some retail, some food service. And the library. Wherever that fits into the bunch. 

So yeah. That's been my life recently.
Anything else you want to know? Leave it in the comments!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Doing

listening: To the birds chirping

eating: Blueberry yogurt

drinking: Nada

wearing: Pajamas

doing: Eating breakfast

feeling: Tired

missing: My sister in France

thankful: For food to eat

weather: Rainy and drab

praying: for focus

wanting: Mom and Dad to wake up so I feel semi-motivated to get ready.

needing: to get ready for the day

thinking: about what I'm going to wear

dreaming: about Summertime

loving: my family and friends

What are YOU doing right now? 

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