Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Whirlwind of a weekend

This weekend has been semi crazy.

On Friday night, Kayla-la and I went to The620's Pre-pirate-navi-party. We made our flag, crest, and chant and whatnot. It was super fun :) I like those people. And it was fun to introduce Kayla to those people! And she goes to school with  one of the girls, which was kinda fun :) So we did all that and then we watched Starwars Episode 4: A New Hope.
When it was all over, we stayed for... an hour? after it was over and watched YouTube videos.
Do yourself a favor, and go listen to some Boyce Avenue. This video is a good one to start off. I would also recommend "Yellow." AMAZING stuff. Sam OH knows where all the good music's at! :)

We took Kaylala home and then I went to bed.

Got up Saturday morning and took a practice SAT... and did a whole lot worse than the one I took last week.
But I'm blaming it on the fact that I didn't get enough sleep. Or w/e.

Then the Karen girls came over. And we ate lunch and whatnot. They played spoons and a couple of them worked on homework with Mom.
We had cake to celebrate BeBin's birthday :) She's turning 11 on Tuesday. Craziness.

Then Dad and I took them to their respective homes and came home, and half an hour later Mom&Dad's small group came over! The kids (and I) ate dinner and headed down to the basement so the adults could eat and have their biblestudy. We watched Cinderella and the beginning of Mary Poppins.
They were good. It all worked out.

Then I went to bed. Because it was all of 9 o'clock. And I had to take a shower and whatnot.

Got up this morning and went to music practice, practiced, did the first service, went to sunday school, which was awesome btdubs, then finished the first service, went back to sunday school. And then the second service. T'was super good. You should go watch the video. That probably isn't up yet.
But yes.

Then we dropped a meal off at someone's house. And then came home.

I ate lunch and re-converted a couple videos for Brandon.
And now I'm blogging. And will leave in a few minutes for Nazarite DNA and half of the prayer&worship time and then IMPACT.

So. This has been my weekend.
I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Katie said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Crazy how variable those test scores can be! that's because God likes messing with them ;) love you! =D