Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now I have to think of blog titles...

because I'm not "doing" NIPTO any more. After a while it was just me. Like, really. JUST me.
But yes.

Today was a good day. I SLEPT IN. And it was delicious. If sleep can be delicious.
Got ready for the day and such. Did school. Ate lunch and watched the end of The Biggest Loser from Tuesday night. Did some more school. Caught up on physics, especially. I was like, 3 days behind. But I got caught up.

Got the mail. It was ALL for me. All both pieces of mail. One of them was my "official" ACT scores. So that was nice. Now I need to apply to Akron U. (I just started looking at that stuff and I think I'll start applying!)

Then I babysat and such. We started (emphasis on the word STARTED) reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Like, the first 3 pages. But I think we'll get through it. :)

Came home and started this blog post. Started my Akron U application. Ate dinner. Worked on SAT Math with Dad. And I really NEED to start READING the questions carefully. Because there were probably 6 questions that I got wrong because of dumb mistakes. Therefore, I should get over 600. But who knows. We'll find out in about a month. haha.

Now we're watching American Idol. It's the results show. The top 24 performed over the past 2 nights and they're cutting TWELVE (12) people tonight. CRAZY, right? I was asking Mom&Dad why they were cutting it so short this year, and Dad said something to the effect of "because they never know what Steven Tyler is going to say" haha. His speech is rather volatile. It's scary.

But I think that's all for tonight. Three of my favorites are through so far! But there are 7 to go... and then 2 wild cards that the judges will pick. And they're dragging it out over 2 hours.
SO we will see.

I'm out for tonight!

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