Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My week (so far) in review:

Man. I'm tired. I sat down. haha

Here's a quick review of my week:
Sunday afternoon/evening: Nazarite DNA with BK&Erin. Youth Group with Soul Candy (Andrew C) and the crew.  Home. Printed homework. Went to bed.

Monday: School. Classes. Who knows what else. Babysat. Came home. Ate dinner. Worked on SAT stuff with Mom&Dad. Watched Letters to Juliet. Which was a FANTASTIC movie. Katie and Hannah for sure need to see it when they come home. It has NYC and Italy in it. Just the locations make it a "must see" =P And the plot is good. Semi-predictable, but good! Then I went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up. Did school. Went to Urban Vision (History, Gym, Dinner, Reading, Homework). Taught ballet. Went to dance. Danced for a longgg time. Came home. Chillaxed a bit. Went to sleep.

Wednesday: Got up. Got ready. Went to school. Spanish class was good. Sat in study hall and did school stuff. Ate lunch. Did school in Mom's class. Packed up. Dropped a movie off at the library and picked up a book. Went to the bank and did all my banking. Went to the grocery store and whatnot. Came home. Relaxed and caught up on blogs. Went to Target with Dad to get a refrigerator thermometer because our fridge is not working right. NOOOOO. Third... time's... the charm? Or three strikes and you're out?
Yeah. Bummer.
Thenn I came home and did some dishes. Read Little Women a little bit. I LOVE that book. It's so awesome.
At 6 I had bible study. Which was fun :) I love my group. They're so sweet. Dinner was delish too. We had meatloaf and mashed potatoes with corn. SO good.

Came home at 7:30 (instead of 8) because today is Ash Wednesday and they had a service. I didn't stay because I was tired and wanted to come home.
So I came home and put my PJs on and read more of Little Women and watched American Idol while reading during the commercials. Then we had pudding (because of the fridge not working... gotta use that milk!) which was delish. I drank a whole lot more milk along with it because it's SO SWEET.
And now I'm watching the end of American Idol and blogging!

It's been a good half a week.
Hope yours has been going well too. Maybe I'll post something other than what I've been up to. Any ideas?

On, pressing on,

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Katie said...

mmmmm...pudding....Is Soul Candy Andrew C's new name or Impact's new name? =)P