Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey my homies.
I've been slacking on my blogging. Buuuut... I've been busy?
From when I last blogged...
Saturday: Got up and took a practice SAT. Did decently. I think it'll be good. It's in 10 days... so a little less than 2 weeks. Crazy.
The Karen girls came over annnd we ate lunch and built snowmen/went sledding. After that we came inside and watched the end of Mr. Magoo-Ehler&Hser Ler Moo were watching it- and then made collages from old LUCKY magazines! :) 
We took all the girls home and then Mom, Dad, and I went to church for a "beat the winter blahs" party. There weren't a whole lot of people there, but it was fun nonetheless!

Came home. Went to bed.

Sunday: Got up, got ready for church and went to church. Sunday school was good! We talked about lies that we believe about ourselves. Good stuff!
Church was good. Pastor Mike, Alan, and Annette talked about their trip to Honduras. And I really want to go. Like. REALLY. It would be SO good for my Spanish... and of course I would LOVE to help out with the kiddos. The pictures of them are ADORABLE. (You can look at the pictures here)
Good stories. You can watch the video of them talking about Honduras here!

Then we came home and ate lunch... I finished some homework. And then I went to Nazarite DNA (a bible study type thing), ate some chili, went back downstairs for youth group!
After youth group Brandon, Erin, and I went to Hartville Mennonite Church for their church service. It was pretty awesome. I don't even know how to describe it. 

I got home around 10? 10:30? 
Got ready for bed. Slept kind of badly becaaaaause:
I got up. Checked the ACT website and saw that my scores were in. And I did well! (I got my essay score today... not as good as I was hoping, but still really good!)

Went to school... came home... babysat... ate dinner... watched Chuck... went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up, got ready for the day, did school, cut God of This City for my ballet class and burned it to a CD, went to Urban Vision, was in the gym, ate dinner, was in the gym some more, helped Christopher and TiTi Dah with their respective homeworks and then went and got ready for ballet and stretched a bit before everyone got up there... 
Class went well. They started (just a leetle beet) their dance. This should be interesting.

Then I went to MY dance classes (after stopping at Micky D's for some chicken nuggets), and danced for what seemed like forever. Then came home and caught up on blogs. And then went to bed.

Got up this morning (kinda blue. Tryin' to answer that age old question: how to exit a whale's digestion) annnd got ready for school. Was really tired because I went to bed really late last night.
Went to school. Spanish class was good. Funny, as always. Mrs. Jones asked Adam if he had "papel" and he held up his "lapiz" and was like "Si, si" and she kept asking him and he kept saying that he had "papel" when, en realidad, he had a pencil, not paper. haha

Then I got a whole bunch of work done? Annd ate lunch. Sat in on Mom's class and did a whole bunch more work. Packed up, went to the library, went to the grocery store. Came home. Put some stuff away. Read blogs. Listened to Dave Ramsey. Talked to Katie and Hannah (separately) on Skype. Then it was time to go to bible study! I ate dinner with Sarah, Keith, and Jen. Fun people.

Our actual study (Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer) was interesting... People interpret things very differently... and it's been interesting to see how they interpret things. And one person talks too much. Not sure how I feel about that. I think 2 people didn't say a single word during our entire group. Crazy. But yeah. It's interesting.

Now I'm watching American Idol. The top 12 girls are performing tonight. So far my favorites are a 15 year old and a 16 year old. CRAZY good talent!

Tomorrow's just school and babysitting. Nothing too eventful!

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