Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey people!
It's been forever since I posted, so it seems.

This weekend was a good one. And I found out what I'm going to do in my spare time this summer. More on that in a moment.

Friday Mom and Dad's small group came over and had their study, so Kayla came and helped me babysit. We managed to get the kiddos to watch UP for most of the movie... we sat behind the couch (if you know our basement, you know that isn't as weird as it sounds) and talked about whatever. Which was fun.
After UP was over we "played" CLUE. Z asked me "How do you play this game?" And I told him that to win you had to go in every room and then up the stairs. haha. So they played that for a bit and then I was a "bad babysitter" and "made" them sit in front of the TV and they watched Bambi. The adults finished up upstairs and so some of us made our way upstairs and ate some dessert. Everyone left after a while and I took a shower and went to bed!

Sunday I got up and got ready for church and whatnot. We had music practice and then church, sunday school, church. Kayla came home with us and we had lunch and then we worked on the flag for Space Pirates vs Na'vi. Speaking of which I should probably update the facebook event/website. BUT. We decorated the flag. And it's EPIC. We outlined a few things, painted the flag ON the flag black, and then we SPLATTER PAINTED IT. And that's what I'm doing in my spare time this summer. It's SO much fun.
So we did that. And then chilled for a bit. Annnnnd then we went to Nazarite DNA and then IMPACT. I came home and Mom, Dad, and I watched the end of The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss. Both interesting shows. I typed up my lit questions while we watched those and then printed them and went to bed.

MONDAY. Got up. Got ready. Didn't eat breakfast (until I was at school) because I didn't feel like it. Went to school. Ate some yogurt and peanut butter crackers. Kept doin' school. Didn't feel great. booooo. So from about 10:30 this morning until... NOW. I've had heartburn. On and off. I'm too young to have heartburn, right? hahha. No. Apparently not. At 11 I move into Mom's class room and then 12-12:30 is lunch... of which I ate... a cheese stick and a yogurt. And they had turkey burgers for lunch. I'm jealous. But I wasn't really feelin' the food. Then we had lit class... We're reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Which is a fantastic book. I'm not sure what I'm going to write my paper on, but I'll figure it out. If you have any suggestions, they'd be appreciated :)
After Lit is SAT... which I sat through with my glasses off and head against the wall, half listening. Occasionally throwing out an answer. Ya know =P
Then we loaded up and headed to the bank to do a few things and I got job applications at the library and DQ. Filled those out for the most part when I got home and then babysat. Babysitting consisted of reading and watching him play basketball/capture the flag with the next door neighbor.
Then I came home. Mom made pancakes and eggs and sausage.
Then I sat around and read Little Women and tried to get comfortable. Eventually I started watching Jeopardy! and Mom looked up on WebMD why my back would hurt in addition to the heartburn. She read that a heating pad on the back might help, so she got me one of those and it's still warm :)
I watched Chuck... which was awesome! As usual. Things are going to be happening on Chuck... good or bad. Not sure. hah.

I feel much better now. So I think I'm going to quit while I'm ahead and go to bed.
Hope this was a good semi-comprehensive update of my life!
As always, if there's anything else you want to know, leave it in the comments! (Katie, DQ&the library were the first paper applications I've filled out so far, the rest were online. But I have applied to Starbucks and Subway. I'm working on Famous Footwear and Regal Cinemas at the moment.)

That's all for now!


kristennicole said...

You watch Chuck... our friendship was meant to be. Except I'm behind, so wait a couple of weeks before drooling over this now-known fact with me. :)
PS- I enjoy your life updates. Glad things are going well!

Katie said...

I'm sorry...I just think it's hilarious and was expecting something a bit more resume worthy than "splatter painting" when you announced right at the beginning that you had discovered a use for your free internship or something. ;) =)P I mean, I'll join you and all, I just think it's funny :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby - the girls and I missed you a ton on Tuesday! :) Are ya feeling better? and are you doing UV internship too?
Take care! (I'm sorry that was so random - I've been really good at being random lately ;/.)