Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, last time I blogged was Friday afternoon. After I blogged Meme came! It was so much fun to just sit around and talk for a while!

We ate dinner (quiche) and then Dad and I left for the concert!

We drove around Akron for a bit trying to find a place to park, eventually found a place, and walked about a block to Musica.
We stood in line for about... 25 minutes? Yeah. I think so. Erin came soon after we got there and joined us in line. We talked about the differences between iPhones and Droids. (Erin has an iPhone, Dad has a Droid)
Dad eventually walked through the line and asked around to see if anyone had an extra ticket. He found one! Some girl's sister canceled on her because she felt like she was coming down with strep. So Brandon got Strep-Girl's ticket. Haha.

We got in and stood around. For a long time. Dad and Erin talked for a long time. We looked at merch. I thought about getting a shirt, but they didn't have it in the size I wanted :( I wasn't going to spend $20 on a shirt that didn't fit. Maybe next time... or MAYBE I'll have Anna get me an Owl City t-shirt when she goes to see him this summer...

Anyways. Yes. We stood around. We saw a couple people that we knew, talked to some of them. The show was supposed to start at 8... it didn't start until 8:30ish. Brandon got there about 8:25. HAH. He's such a boy.

It was a FANTASTIC show! Arum Rae from White Dress was AMAZING. Her guitar skillz were awesome and she could whistle very well! haha.

Here are a few pictures from the night so far:

The Venue

Pretty butterflies on the wall

A picture Dad told me to take. "Because it's cool"

DUH. Dance!

The standing-room-only with only a few people.

I thought this was cool. 

Erin&Me before the show started :)

Arum Rae! She was so good!

Guitar skills right there!
Around 9:15 The Civil Wars started playing. They are simply amazing. They have great harmonization and tone-matching. I love them. And Joy Williams is so stinkin' cute! She&John Paul White are so amazing together. Here are my [good] pictures that I took! (A couple of them are screen shots from videos that I liked :)

John Paul tuning before they started

Isn't her smile adorable?

FAVORITE picture that I took all night!

My wrist-band :)

Tweaking his bow-tie


Someone's up to something... :)
So yes. That was my night. Dad and I came home and I went to bed. I'll upload some videos sometime maybe?
We'll see. Maybe if you beg. HA.
That's it for tonight.

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Katie said...

good posts, chick! =D I like it a lot :) you have fun with your photography, it's obvious. :)