Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Ridiculous Tuesday Update

I'm tired, oh so tired, today.

Yesterday was... interesting.

I got up and got ready. I was running a leetle beet later than I wanted to be.
I was planning on going to McDonald's at 9 am for their hiring day. I was also planning on checking back at Panera before I went to McD's. It was about 9:15 by the time I left the house. I was all dressed in my interview clothing, ready to interview at McDonald's. I went into Panera and asked to talk to the hiring manager, who I knew was working yesterday because I checked to see when he was working on Monday. I asked him if he had had time to look at my application. He asked what my name was, I told him, and he was kinda like "oh..." and told me to wait a minute. He came back and we sat down in the restaurant area and he asked me a few questions (if I was related to Hannah, what I did when I worked for Mr. H, if I had a car, where I'd want to work, etc).  He told me that he had like, 5 other interviews that day, but he'd "probably hire [me]," but he had to interview the other people. His last interview was at 3:15, so he'd call me after that.

I went to the car and called Mom&Kaite and told them what he said. They said to come home and we'd wait for his call and if it was negative, I could still go to McDonald's and get an interview there.

SO. I came home and Katie and I got started on dipping stuff in chocolate. There is way tooo much stuff to list. If you're seriously interested, I'll make Katie do a "guest post" about the chocolate. :)

I went to lunch with BK @ Chipotle, which was delicious. We shot a video after lunch which involved multiple places and me in a body bag. I will post the link to the video once it's done :) It was fun. Despite the fact that I had to get in and out of a body bag about 7 times. In multiple public places. It'll be a good video. (You'll never see me, but you'll know that I'm there. Ha!)

After all that, we dipped more chocolate... I was on facebook for a while.

And then the phone rang.

The caller ID didn't say that it was Panera, but I answered it. It was indeed Panera.

B, the manager, never straight up said "you got the job," but he asked if I could come to orientation and Planet Bread (their training program) on Saturday. UH YEAHHH.
SO that was exciting!
I called Dad and told him... and then Meme and told her... and then Hannah and told her. Hannah definitely had the best reaction! She screamed and (by her description) ran across the street in glee and jumped in a puddle for good measure! So funny!
But we'll be co-workers this summer. And it'll be suuuuper awesome. :)

After all that shtuff.... I got ready for dance. Ate dinner (leftover Chipotle). Went to Urban Vision for ballet from 5:30-7, and then jazz and modern. I came home and crashed. I was exhausted.

And all of that activity yesterday made me suuuper tired today.
This lovely, crazy, hopefully-well-written post sums up my crazy getting-hired-getting-shot-in-a-body-bag-with-a-camera Tuesday.

Adios my readers!

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