Sunday, July 19, 2009

church, swim suits, packing, and Starbucks

That's what my day consisted of :)
Let's just say this: I love my church family. They rock. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to share my life with.

Shopping for swimsuits is interesting. Hard to find things that fit. Yupyup.

Packing. that's always interesting. and sometimes fun. Especially when you're packing to see your sister whom you haven't seen in 9 weeks. :)
I'm leaving on Tuesday for VA Beach for 4 days then SC for a little over 24 hours to spend time with some old friends&go to church with them. Sunday we leave for Cleveland, Georgia for my dad's side family reunion. I get to see my cousins which is VERY exciting! We leave GA on Thursday morning, I believe, to head to Lima, Ohio to spend Friday&Saturday with my Grandparents and DOGGY! Then it's home again. It should be a long(but short) fun time!
I'll be trying to update my blog while we're off on our adventures, so check back :)

Starbucks is best enjoyed with a best friend and LOTS of talking :) So that's what Katie and I did. Lots of talking about her week at Reach Out and talking about BOYS and such =P

That's all for now.
Press on.

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