Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Encounter

Hey everyone :)

I went to The Encounter last night, and guess what? IT WAS AWESOME! (even though we had a deficit of people.) What is the Encounter? It's encountering God at a different level. Brandon Kightlinger is the guy who makes everything happen[ing] :)

If you live in the Akron area and are a Jr. High, High schooler, or college student, you should check it out sometime.

The Encounter is on Wednesday nights and usually starts at 7pm(ending around 8:30). This coming Wednesday(June 8th) however, the Encounter is starting at NINE o'clock and is ending at ELEVEN. That's PM.
This is the late-night-Encounter. I guess we'll be watching a series of videos and talking about them :) Popcorn WILL be provided =P

You should come check it out. We're a group of pretty cool people.
WARNING: This could change your life. Be prepared.

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