Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prince Charming

I thought I'd post my Prince Charming list on here for the sole reason that it is interesting. If you find it boring, I apologize. :) You might think I'm picky because I have almost 50 things on my list, but these are just the qualities that I want in the guy that I marry :)

1.) Will take pictures with me

2.) Doesn't take everything I say and turn it into an argument (I guess this one is basically about getting along =P)

3.) Is taller than me

4.) Has good hair (silly. I know)

5.) Older/more mature (this could be hard to find. but I'll do it some how...)

6.) Likes chocolate*

7.) Is musical

8.) Writes me cute notes

9.) Is creatively romantic

10.) Stargazes with me

11.) Loves God more than he loves me.

12.) Doesn't push my boundaries

13.) Encourages me to spend time with God

14.) Is old-fashionly-chivalrous

15.) Is honest

16.) Laughs at/with me

17.) Is decisive.

18.) Looks good with facial hair*

19.) Will watch chick flicks with me

20.) Has similar interests

21.) Will cook sometimes

22.) Has read Pride&Prejudice*

23.) Is thrifty

24.) Volunteers

25.) Speaks more than one language

26.) Likes similar athletic activity

27.) Ballroom dances or is willing to learn how to ballroom dance

28.) Is good at fixing things

29.) Dances with no music :)

30.) Is respectful

31.) Open to correction

32.) Is humble

33.) Is good with kids

34.) Has a nice smile

35.) Enjoys having his picture taken =P

36.) Likes animals

37.) Isn't critical (except when necessary)

38.) Supports my decisions

39.) Reads. Books!

40.) Has good handwriting*

41.) Has regular quiet times

42.) Is a leader

43.) Will play with my hair

44.) Likes to travel

45.) Likes the same kind of music as me

46.) Likes the same TV shows

47.) Is polite

48.) Shows how he loves me.

*Not necessary, but would be really nice =P

That's about it. I will probably add more at different points in my life, but this is what I have for now

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