Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday - When Seasons Change

Five Minute Friday is an opportunity to write for five minutes flat on a topic each week at The Gypsy Mama.

The topic this week is When Seasons Change.

When seasons change, I look around. I see the beauty in everything. Things are changing and becoming different, things are becoming new. Winter into spring is a beautiful change of season, and Spring into Summer is even better. To me, summer is relaxing and stress free. But Summer itself is changing. This summer is a change in season for me. I have a job. I'm starting to take on more responsibilities. I have my drivers license. People, it seems, are changing too. The people who are in my life, the people who are most important to me. There are people who will always be important to me, but things are changing.

Last fall-into-winter was a season change that brought about changes in my life. Winter-into-spring brought about its changes too. I'm looking forward to seeing what these next season changes will bring with them. Will I like the changes? Will I accept them for what they are, or will I stomp my feet and complain to God that that wasn't what I wanted. Who knows. Only God, I guess. 

When seasons change I see God differently. What will he look like during this next season? Will he be friend, father, lover, Lord, King? What will he be to me.

Only time will tell as the seasons change.

Thank you for changing seasons and me, God.

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