Friday, May 20, 2011


Time to update from Wednesday before work to now.
Wait. Laundry is calling....
Done! :)

Sooooo Wednesday...  Went to work. Worked. Was fairly uneventful. Had to do some e-learning for barista and the new celebration that's coming out soon :)
I made my first cafe mocha by myself. Closed by myself-ish. Had some help, which was good. I really need to learn how to take the bagel slicer apart and put it back together. That would be good. It seems like Allen is the only person who knows how to take it apart/put it back together.

Came home. Ate a little bit. Took a shower. Went to bed.

Thursday morning James came over for breakfast. He was here when I got up. Kaite was making pancakes. Whitney was still here. So we had a little party at breakfast :) The pancakes were good except for the fact that Kaite forgot to put the salt in. Oops. I was eating one of the first ones and was like, this doesn't taste quite right. I went through like "did you put only wheat flour in these," "did you put sugar in these," and that was really about it. But we put peanut butter and syrup and sometimes powdered sugar on them. DElishus.

I did some school... or tried to. James was doing some KaRen stuff, Kaite was doing her class online, Hannah was... helping James and... doing I don't know what else, Whitney was watching videos or something. We ended up watching part of the That Choir Thang Variety Show from 2005. Crazy stuff. Katie and I also ran up to the plaza about job scheduling stuff.

James left before lunch because he was having lunch with his dad. We ate lunch kinda late... I don't remember what I did after lunch. Hm. Oh well! haha
Dinner was quiche, delicious! After dinner we went for a walk and then had a surprise Mother's Day since Hannah got home on Mother's Day weekend. Katie made a cake and we had ordered some books that Mom had wanted. For fun we played Wits and Wagers which was really fun! And then we watched an episode of Chuck-Chuck vs the Family Volkoff. I think tonight we're going to do pretty much the same thing! I know the next Chuck (and maybe the next one after that!) is going to be watched tonight.
After all that it was time for bed. I sat in bed and read a few chapters of the next installment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Goooood books.

This morning I got up and ate breakfast. After brekkers I mowed the yard. Took a shower. Caught up on blogs. Ate lunch and watched Glee. Did some schooool. Talked to Kayt about prom pictures tomorrow. Did some more school. Drank an Icee and talked with the girls. Played the piano some. Did some laundry. Now I'm blogging and waiting for laundry to be done. Yay!

Dinner tonight is Bubble Pizza! I'm excited because we haven't had Bubble Pizza in a LONG time.

Today is also FRIDAY which means Five Minute Friday! So look for that later :)
Until my Five Minutes are up,

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