Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching up

Hey allll!

I didn't have time to blog about my day yesterday, so I'm going to use this post to do that and blog about today! So:

Tuesday morning I got up and did some school. Then I went driving for 2 hours. In-car! YAY. I'm glad to get it done...
It went well. I didn't do anything stupid. I just drove. Drove to East Canton via back roads... drove in a square on one way streets... drove back to Green.

Thennnn when I got home I ate lunch because I was hungry. (I got home at about 11:30.) And I watched the season premier of Chuck. FANNNNtastick. With a K. YES. That good.

Then I did more school. Annnnd then went to Urban Vision. Was in the gym, reading, and art. I also determined that I'm going to start helping with the ballet class that is from 6-7 on Tuesdays. So that should be fun.
Annnnd then we came home for a brief bit. And then I went to dance for 2 hours! Jazz was good... it's still hard. I'm still getting used to it. More jumps. Lots more sharp. But it's fun!
Annnnd we fixed a little bit of the dance that we started last week. And did a couple of combinations that were sweet.
Then I came home, blogged really quick, took a shower, and went to sleep.

Woke up this morning (Yes, I did feel like P. Diddy. Whatever that means =P)
Got ready. Went to school. Had Spanish class. Got minorly freaked about the test that we had. Took the test. Got a good grade. Was in study hall for a while and got very little done. Annnd then ate lunch with Mom and sat in on her class. Cleaned up. Came home. Did Geometry. Did Physics and listened to Dave Ramsey. (LOVE HIM) annnnd then went to Alpha!

We had baked potatoes for dinner. Yum. :D
Annd talked about faith.
This is the guy who does the videos. He has a great accent.

I love our group. Still. We're starting to open up a little more... people are starting to talk a little more... express their opinions.
It's good. :)

Came home, watched last week's episode of Survivor, am doing this and am now watching this week's episode of Survivor. My dad's amazing (It's been over for an hour and we're watching it. And no, we don't have DVR.)

And now I'm going to skip over to a NIPTO post :D

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