Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NIPTO, Day 213

Today... has... been... good.

Went to BoW (Beginning of Wisdom, my school) and had Spanish class and it was fun and informative! Learned a few things I didn't know. So that's good!
Had Study Hall for... a long time. like, 10-12. Got a lot done...
Mrs. Jones took me home and I ate lunch, played some Wicked music, did History and Physics, and then read a book outside. That was nice. Thennnn Mom and I went on a walk. I came home and chilled on the computer for a while. And then Hannah called. Then I got ready for Alpha, went to Alpha, and came home from Alpha.

Alpha. Go here to find out about it. I don't know how to explain it.
We ate dinner... sang 2 songs... watched 2 videos... then broke into our small-groups to talk! It was good...
It's 10 weeks long... 1 week down, 9 to go.

We watched an episode of What Not To Wear... and now we're watching I've Got Nothing to Wear.

I guess it is time for NIPTO.

Acts 25:1-12
1Three days after arriving in the province, Festus went up from Caesarea to Jerusalem, 2where the chief priests and Jewish leaders appeared before him and presented the charges against Paul.

So Paul keeps getting moved around. Or new people get appointed as chief priest or commander or something. Soooo Festus, the new guy I think, is presented the charges against Paul. 

3They urgently requested Festus, as a favor to them, to have Paul transferred to Jerusalem, for they were preparing an ambush to kill him along the way. 4Festus answered, "Paul is being held at Caesarea, and I myself am going there soon. 5Let some of your leaders come with me and press charges against the man there, if he has done anything wrong."

They really wanted Festus to have Paul sent to Jerusalem because they were planning on killing him en route, but Festus was planning to go to Caeesarea soon anyways. So he asked if some of the leaders wanted to come along! Uhm... Okay!

 6After spending eight or ten days with them, he went down to Caesarea, and the next day he convened the court and ordered that Paul be brought before him. 7When Paul appeared, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood around him, bringing many serious charges against him, which they could not prove.

After spending some time with those guys, Festus went to Caesarea and got the court together and called Paul in. Once Paul was there, the Jews who came from Jerusalem hammered him with charges. But they couldn't prove them. 
Get some evidence, people!

 8Then Paul made his defense: "I have done nothing wrong against the law of the Jews or against the temple or against Caesar."
9Festus, wishing to do the Jews a favor, said to Paul, "Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem and stand trial before me there on these charges?"
Paul made his defense. He hadn't done anything wrong. Festus, wanting to get in on the Jew's good side, asked if Paul would be willing to go to Jerusalem and go on trial there with these charges.
I'm sure Paul's thinking, "Really, guys? This is just insane."

 10Paul answered: "I am now standing before Caesar's court, where I ought to be tried. I have not done any wrong to the Jews, as you yourself know very well. 11If, however, I am guilty of doing anything deserving death, I do not refuse to die. But if the charges brought against me by these Jews are not true, no one has the right to hand me over to them. I appeal to Caesar!"
12After Festus had conferred with his council, he declared: "You have appealed to Caesar. To Caesar you will go!"
Paul told him that he was being tried where he needed to be tried. He hadn't done anything wrong. He wasn't going to "refuse to die" if he had done something that deserved death, but he hadn't done anything! He told them straight up: "if the charges brought against me by these Jews are not true, no one has the right to hand me over to them." Good point ol' buddy ol' pal! He appealed to Caesar.
And so to Caesar he would go said Festus.

To be continued... tomorrow. As everything is.
Maybe I'll be able to blog before I babysit tomorrow! I have a lot to get done, but we'll see... :)

Hope you had a good Wednesday!

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