Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cruelty in the form of a test

That test? Yeah. You know the one I'm talking about.
The A. C. T.

Why is it so cruel? For one thing, they make you get there at 8 am. Which means leaving at like, 7:30. Which means getting up before 7. Ew.
Got to Akron U. Went to Zook Hall where we were supposed to go to sign in. Was directed into a lecture hall. Sat down. Was directed to another hall... Leigh Hall, I believe. That was around 8 am. And we filled out the information on the first page of the test booklet and whatnot. Then the first section, the English test (45 minutes). Which I think I did well on. Then the Math test (60 minutes). Which I didn't do as well on, I don't think. I didn't quite finish. But it was okay. Then we had a short 10 minute break. Juuust long enough to go to the bathroom and eat a REALLY quick snack. Right outside the room. Because you're not "allowed to eat or drink in the 'testing center.'" Lame, right?
So I shoved my last two fruit snacks (strawberry and peach (which are my favorite!)) into my mouth and headed back into the room. Then it was the Reading test (35 minutes). Which was okay. Then the Science Reasoning test (35 minutes). Which wasn't great. But it was OKayyy. Then a short... kinda break. They gathered our test booklets. And then handed out the writing booklets. Then it was ESSAY time (30 minutes). And that went really well. In my opinion. But I'm looking forward to getting my scores and whatnot. February 28th. So now I just wait.

The rest of my day was chillaxing. We talked to Hannah for quite a bit, which was fun! And I watched some more of The Biggest Loser. Always inspiring.

We ate dinner around 7 (beef stew... yum!). And now we're watching Stardust. Which is actually a really good movie! I'm likin' it! (not "lovin'" as in McDonalds. Likin'. haha).

Alrighty. I'm going to eat my PIE. I would tell y'all what kind, but it would probably make you jealous ;) If you really want to know, leave me a comment.
I'm going to eat my pie and keep watching my movie!
Later people,


H. Yackley said...

Rub it in our face! What kinda pie?

And I had Communication class in Leigh. If Leigh's the one across the way from the library. :-)

Katie said...

Yeah, Abby! what kind of pie???

Abby said...

Oh fineeeee. hahaha
It was chocolate. And there's still some left. Can I say, "Snack after dance tonight"? Yes. Yes, I can.