Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playing mustard. Oh wait this has been done before. (Catching up)

I haven't posted in a few days it seems. But that's okay.

If you didn't know, WE HAVE HEAT. And had heat at 11:30 that night. Because my Dad is awesome. Some even call him Superman. ;)

Tuesday was... good? Did school, went to Urban Vision, taught ballet, danced for 2 more hours. I was sore after that. But we started our creepy doll dance!!! And it's super awesome. And we started our jazz dance. Which is hard. But it's still fun!

Wednesday... Went to school. Spanish was good. Mom's class was good. Then I went to the libarary and got some books (Little Women and The Prince and the Pauper being two of them!). Came home... did some more school... ate dinner. Mom&Dad had a meeting... I watched American Idol. Went to bed.

Thursday I think I slept in a bit and did school. Babysat... which was an ordeal. But it got talked about and I think things will be better from now on. Then... Dad and I did some ACT stuff. Then we watched American Idol and The Office. Went to bed.

Friday: slept in a bit. Did school stuff. Took a physics test (and got 100%! YES!). Babysat. Came home. Ate dinner (delicious buffalo chicken pizza!). Watched Taylor during the rent's small group. Chatted with people for a bit. Then WENT TO BED.

And I'm leaving it at that for now.
An ACT post next!

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Katie said...

Two of my favorite books!

I wish I would've read all this before talking to you yesterday because then I would've had better ideas of stuff to ask you about! :(