Thursday, February 24, 2011

SWEET FREEDOM... but not yet.

I finished my LAST in-car driving session today! Which means that I can get my driver's license! As soon as I get my certificate and the horn on the car (Honda-diddy) is fixed.
So I will have sweet freedom sometime in the next couple weeks. But SOON! :D

Sweet freedom is not quite mine... I have some school left to do... which I should do during the commercial breaks of American Idol. They're picking the Top 24 tonight! There's a kid who is a mix of Joe Lew, Kevin K, and Zach Roys. CRAZY. He looks like all three of them. And all three of them are musical. His biggest resemblance to Zach is his CRAZY long curly bright red hair! Love him. haha
I love all three of those guys! :)

hmmm... Dancing at the Falls game went well! I messed up a bit, but nothing major! It's sooooo much easier to do double turns on the gym floor. So that's nice. It's like it's slick, but you still have enough traction that you don't go flying. It just doesn't really make sense. haha

School. Uhg. I have a lot of it left to do. So I think I'm going to sign off and do some physics. And eat some pudding. :)

Adios mi amigos!

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Katie said...

Yeah, stab twist that pudding in at the end...oh wait...I have chocolate mousse in my life. =)P