Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A long update:


Lesse. Where was I last time I blogged... Tuesday.
Okay. Tuesday. I did school and whatnot. Did a little bit of choreography for my ballet class. Went to Urban Vision. Figured out more choreography while I was in the gym. Got a call saying that I had to be at the basketball game (to dance at the half time show) at 6:30, not 7:15. So I ran around a little bit figuring out whether I could make it. But we got it figured out. I helped Ehne Thau with her homework and then got ready for ballet. I got them warmed up a little and then I had to leave. Mom and I headed to Woodridge High School. She dropped me off and I headed towards all the girls in the purple shirts. Got my shoes and stuff on and took all my jewelry whatnot off. We did the dance sans music once and then we all stretched out some. Then I ran and found Mom and gave her my camera so she could record it. I should put that on YouTube. I'll do that right now. Maybe it'll be done by the time I'm done writing.
We danced. It went well. A lot of people are negative nancys. Which is annoying. But it's all okay. I let it roll off. (Here it is! Sorry that the quality is bad! It'll be better for the next one. I'm in the front row on the far right. :)

We came home and watched Chuck. And ate popcorn. And then took a shower and went to bed.

Today was Spanish class. School work. Lunch. Mom's class. (During which I read Little Women. I love that book!)
After that Mom and I ran errands. Library to drop off and pick up books, bank to get money and deposit money, grocery store to get food, then home.
I relaxed a little bit. Went on a walk and took some pictures. Intended to read Little Women. Didn't. I listened to musica and took pictures.

Then I came home and cleaned up a bit and then went to my bible study!
I ate with Dave, Laurie, Erin, Adrian, and Brett. It was a good time. :)
After dinner (potato soup, sandwiches, salad, cookies), we headed into the parlor for some worship. And thenn we split into our Alpha and Prayer groups. So yeah. We did some introductions and looked through the first chapter of our books some. And yeah. It was good. I really like it! I'm looking forward to going back next week. (And by the time the study is over, I'LL HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE! I'll be getting that fairly soon! :D)

And now I'm watching American Idol. It's Hollywood Week and GROUP ROUND night. So it's kinda crazy. But it's good!

I think I'm going to head to bed soon. I have a little bit of reading to do for my various studies I'm involved in ;)
I've actually been writing. Like, with paper. And a pen. Maybe because I haven't been writing here a whole lot? Yeah. Probably. :)

Soooooo yeah. That's about it. Any questions? Anything more you want to hear about? Let me know!

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Katie said...

So the time I get back/you turn 17, you will be a licensed driver?? Woooooow....