Monday, February 14, 2011

A Quick Update

To Katie and Hannah (and any others who were wondering what kind of pie that I was eating): It was chocolate. (I left a comment, but I'm not sure if y'all saw it.)

Sunday was great. It really needs its own post. And it's too late to give it to y'all. But maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. I really need to just crank out the school and then crank out the blogging. I'll try tomorrow. But I also have some choreography that needs to be done. We'll see.

Today was good. School... classes.... home... read blogs... babysit... come home... eat dinner... get ready for dance... drive to dance... dance... drive home from dance... eat a blizzard that Mom&Dad left for me from last night... do this... yup. That's about my day.

And MAY I just say that our creepy doll dance is... well... creepy? And AWESOME. Hannah, you will LOVE it. And Katie, there's a good cello part in it! Especially if you listen to the instrumental version. It's fantastic. This is the song, in case you wanted to listen to it. It's so good. [Just to set the scene, we're dolls. Lauryn is a sleeping girl. We belong to her. She goes to sleep. We come alive. She wakes up. We go back to being dolls. We get angry at her for having to stay dolls. We push her around. She wakes up and screams? I think. I'll let you know.]

SO yes. Dance was good. We're dancing at the Woodridge basketball game tomorrow. Should be good. We'll see. Hah.

I think that's all for now? I will *I PROMISE* do a post soon with pictures of all the ice that we had that is now mostly melted. Promise. Before Sunday. Hahah.

G'night y'all. (You would think I'm from the south. Hahahahaha. I'm not.) OH YEAH!
And Happy Valentine's Day! (Or as a lot of people are calling it "Singles Awareness Day." Figure out the acronym. haha)

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