Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NIPTO, Day 282

I have a couple minutes before I leave for the tornado that is Tuesday, so I'll blog.

I did school today. And that's about it. Honest. Read some blogs before lunch. That's really it. Tuesday morning/afternoons before 2pm are pretty chill.

Ecclesiastes 11:7-10
7 Light is sweet,
   and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.
8 However many years anyone may live,
   let them enjoy them all.
But let them remember the days of darkness,
   for there will be many.
   Everything to come is meaningless.

Light. Light is good. It makes you happy. Enjoy the sunny days. Remember that there will be dark days too. Dark, rainy days that make you want to curl up in a ball in your bed and sleep. Like today. Huh. 

Everything's meaningless. This just makes me feel depressed. I'll think about the sun. And SNOW! I can't wait until it snows. Snow is a very good thing. :) Much better than cold rain. 

 9 You who are young, be happy while you are young,
   and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.
Follow the ways of your heart
   and whatever your eyes see,
but know that for all these things
   God will bring you into judgment. 

Hey! I'm young. So I guess I'll be happy. I've been distracted and kind of annoyed for the past week or so. That is annoying. But be happy. And... follow the ways of your heart. But know that whatever you do will bring you into God's judgement. Yay...

10 So then, banish anxiety from your heart
   and cast off the troubles of your body,
   for youth and vigor are meaningless.

Anxiety. Such a weird emotion. It's a consuming emotion. But God tells us not to be anxious in anything. So we banish anxiety from our hearts and minds and put away the troubles of the body. Then we can enjoy life. Even though... youth... and... vigor... are... meaningless... Yeah.

I'm going to stick with the happy stuff that I got from this today. Be happy. Remember the sunny times. Remember that there will be dark days, but the sun will come out again. Don't be anxious. God wants what's best for you.

The end.

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