Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Driving With Abby - Driving School: Day 2

Hola! Driving school... It's fun. We watched at least 2 movies today. (45 minutes&21 minutes from what I can remember)
We talked about bad weather conditions. You basically do the same things for rain, snow, and fog... just with little variations, but not really. hah.

We talked about motorcycles and trucks... annd blind spots on trucks&stuff... I drew on my paper a lot today... A sweet musical staff (wavy! hah) and some hearts and peace signs&more musical notes. It was pretty win.

I talked to a girl whose name I can't remember during break... she goes to Manchester... she knows Cat&Connie because they play soccer together, so that's cool. She finishes tomorrow... I have another 3 days. But I'm cool with it. I like how it's set up M, T, W, and then another M, T, W. It makes it easier and makes you more sane.

I should take a picture of this writing on the table... I think it says something like "Sanity is not underrated" or something like that. People draw all kinds of stuff on the table that I sit at. I'm tempted to add a musical note to it. :)

But yeah. It wasn't crazy today... we're talking about drugs&alcohol during one of our classes tomorrow...
And I figured out from a statistic today that 10 of the people in our class (statiscially speaking) will be in an accident involving a drunk driver. Also, two people from my family of 5 will be involved in a crash. CRAZY. (2 out of 5 people... 25 people in the room, 10 out of 25. Craazy.)

Annnnd I think that's about it for today. I'll try to blog earlier tomorrow so I remember more... I was lazy and read all day today! hahaha.



Katie said...

"She'd been mostly dead all day!"

(Y) !

abdul said...

Yeah mine has cracked and extended warrant won't cover
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