Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Driving With Abby - Driving School: Day 3


Hi. Today was another day of driving school. Right off the bat, after roll-call and counting off and making sure that everyone who was on the list was actually there, we talked about alcohol. And a lot of other stuff. Such as: what to do if you get pulled over, drugs, when it's legal to drink when you're under 21 (aka when you're with your parents, they give you the alcohol and you consume it in front of them. That's when it's legal. And no where else.), insurance, the car inspection that you get when you take your drivers test, and purchasing and maintaining a car.

During the last hourish (45 minutes, really) some people took the test (if it were their second week of class) and the rest of us just reviewed and looked at a crossword puzzle that's impossible. HAHA. (I got 1. You had to come up with the actual answers on your own, so it was more of a crossword AND a word search. Insane.)

And one last thing: We watched this horribly acted movie about this teenager who was on his way home from prom with his girlfriend and his friend and his friend's date, and they got into an accident. And the guy looked like Zach from Saved by the Bell. And his girlfriend's name was Kelly. It was hori-blay.

And now I'm done until next MONDAY! WOOHOO!


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I think I remember that movie. I dunno. But I think so.