Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let me explain... no there is too much. Let me sum up.

Ahhhhh yes, a Princess Bride quote... that isn't quite accurate because this turned into something that was way longer than I intended =P

A lot has happened in the past two days. And I can't believe that our service project&stuff was yesterday!

Sooooo Yesterday. After breakfast we went to a church to get briefed on what we were doing. Then we walked down to the Boys&Girls club to do some work there. We were split into groups and some people went outside and weeded, one group went to a middle school where they helped do some yard work (me thinks) and then some of us stayed inside and cleaned the locker rooms and helped clean out the sports closet.

I was in the cleaning brigade. And Christina, Jen, Catherine, and I cleaned the showers... Noelle mopped... and it looked goood when we were done. And we got done fairly quickly, so we went out into the gym where there were boxes of stuff everywhere! So we just kinda asked what we could do and did what they asked. We had about half an hour and a lot of stuff to sort/put in boxes/label/put back into the room. But it all got done and I'm sure it looks much better than when they started.

After our service project we went back to the dorm and ate lunch. We were planning on going to the beach afterwards, but we didn't have enough time. So we kinda just chilled out and played some games... I played Euchre with Zach, Luke, and Josh. Then we left for evangelism.
Our group went to Cape Fear Community College. We weren't really sure what it would be like. But there were a lot of people around since they were signing up for fall classes (I believe). So we were able to talk to a lot of people. We didn't pray with anyone, but we handed out a lot of fliers for Wednesday (Tom Short is speaking on campus). So that was cool. We also talked to a lot of people who were already Christians.
I also didn't really do a lot. I kind of asked the questions (we did surveys) the first few times, then Erin&Nathan took over. Nathan was a beast! He kept on talking to more&more people. And Erin talked to a lot of people. And I just kind of sat back and watched them like a proud mom :) Jon and I were the only ones who had ever done evangelism like that, and I really haven't had much experience with it, so it was super super cool to see the younger kids really stepping up to be leaders! (The Seniors were with Tom @ Unleashed)

We came back after evangelism and went to dinner. It was good. The lines were long. But we got food.

Then we headed over to the church. Tom spoke again... the topic was "My turn to walk" So it was like about walking with God. It was good. I would have to go over my notes again to remember anything =P

We came back to the dorms after that and had our "home group" (we called it "tie-down" at past LTs) and then split into guys&girls and talked and stuff. Some really good advice was given from the senior girls to the upcoming freshman girls. It was sweet to hear the older girls giving the younger girls wisdom. From their experiences. It was just cool.

Then we slept...

Annnd today: WOW! Yesterday was long. Today was probably longer!

We got up&ate breakfast in the common area outside of the girl's block of rooms.
After that we had to book it out of there to get to the church for our first session (at 9:00 am). Greg Burlile from Darby Creek spoke about loving one another. "My turn to love." It was super good.

After Pastor Greg finished speaking, we had a 5ish minute break (where they made us work&take all the chairs out of the room for tonight) and then Shea Willis (who did the Creative Evangelism breakout that I went to on Sunday) spoke about service. That was good too... (I'm having trouble remembering everything. It's so packed! But it's good to kind of decompress.)
After Shea spoke we went back to the dorms for lunch and after lunch we got ready to go to the beach for our "Church Initiative" (I think everyone went to the beach... to play frisbee or football or play music or whatever to draw people in so we can share the gospel with them). It was windy. Too windy to play frisbee. So we ended up walking up the beach and doing beach evangelism. We talked to more people... didn't really get into any deep conversations. But I'm hoping and praying that we at least got people thinking about spiritual stuff.

After the beach we rushed back to the dorms to shower and get to dinner. We ate dinner and then went back to the dorms to get stuff. And then we headed out for the famous "Tuesday night Worship night."

It was fantastic. We got there and were standing outside talking to people. It was fun. Then we went inside and everything got quiet&serious. I don't really remember what all happened. David Root, the worship leader, probably sang a couple songs... And he told the story of Jesus's ministry from John's perspective. Like, he was John and was telling us what happened. It was interesting. It was different and made you listen.
We sang a lot... I wrote some... I read Psalm 139 and Isaiah 40... I cried a lot. I prayed for people. I prayed for myself. I worshipped God. I let go of anger. I let go of fear of other people's expectations of me. And I worshipped God with all that I was. It was so amazing. I have a couple videos from tonight... One of Jesus Paid it All, a little bit of Salvation is Here, all of How He Loves by John Mark McMillan. Google that and listen to the song... or wait until I get around to posting it on YouTube&embedding it on here =P

One thing that we did tonight was write down what was keeping us from God... or whatever. And we were able to nail them to the cross. Sooo freeing. So fantastic. I loved tonight.

Ross spoke a little bit at the end. And he talked about how we have to make a conscious decision to worship God every single day. Not for it to just be a one night "this was a fantastic feeling" type deal. But to really worship God every single day in every moment.

Wow. That was probably long. I'm not going to go over it... I might run spell-check, but that's the best you're going to get at almost 1am! =P

I'm glad I typed all this out though. It's a lot less to think about. There's still a lot left to think about, but it's a lot less than there was before.

If you've read this far, you are awesome!
Also, if you've read this far, would you take a few minutes to pray for everyone at LT?
We're tired. And when people are tired tempers tend to get short. Pray that we would all be able to love one another and not get "short" with each other.
Also, my dad is talking tomorrow morning at 9ish! So pray for him too. That he'd be able to speak what the students need to hear. I know he's excited. I'm excited too! Just not for the bad jokes that I know are going to be in there ;P
Pray for the other speakers too. That God would speak clearly and effectively through them.
And feel free to add whatever other prayers you want to that! All of them are appreciated!

Thank you soooo much for reading this. You are a truely awesome person.
So I guess it's time for a "thank you and goodnight!"

P.S. This is my 200th post! Yay LT posts making the "records"! =)

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