Saturday, July 3, 2010

Room rearranging and fireworks!

I rearranged my room today. I was excited. You would know that if you saw facebook or Twitter... :)
In the middle
Beds bunked!
Mostly after. Yes. I am Chillin' on my bed. :)

Annnnnd the sweet lamp that I got :)

 Okie doke. Now it's time for fireworks pictures! But first, a story:
Once upon a time I wore jeans and a sweatshirt to go to see fireworks. But I wore flipflops. Before we left, I said -JOKINGLY mind you- that my feet were going to be one swollen lump when I got home because it was the only exposed part of me. Minus my face.
So we get to the hill where we were going to take pictures and whatnot, and I feel something on my feet. Rats. No! Not rats, ants. We were basically standing on top of an anthill. So we moved. But there were still ants crawling on my naked feet. But it wasn't so bad. But I do feel like I have a bite on my foot. But I'll live ;)
Now, for pictures!

I thought Katie would like the pink&yellow one :)
More pink&yellow :)
I like fireworks. I hope you like these too :)
More twinsies that look a little bit like yellow birds with blue wings!
preeeeetty fireworks
Finale-ish fireworks :)

 That was my day for the most part. Now I'm going to do NIPTO in a separate post.

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Anonymous said...

That bird one? Those are the golden snitches of Kent.