Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute Kids

Are you ready for some cute pictures?
Cuz they're coming.
Are you ready?
I am.

Hannah, Me, Katie
I love my sisters. They're adorable

Our family in 1995.
Mom, Katie, Me, Dad, Hannah
I don't know what they were doing to me to make me have that face
It was just me. I made some funny faces.

Cousins. L-R, Top row: Chelsea, Aaron, Katie
Middle row, L-R: Nicole, Anthony, Hannah
Bottom Row, L-R: Claire, Evan, Me
We were so cute. We're still pretty cute
Just not like that =P

Katie was weird. 
Hannah's like "What's she doing?" 
I'm just chilling in my "baby-ness"

Christmas was always an eventful time at our house... 
I laugh every time I see these pictures... 
I'll have to remember these for a day when I'm feeling blue

Cute, huh?

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