Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday: Chuck Edition

Because it's Not me! Monday, and Chuck is on on Mondays, I decided to dedicate a Not me! to Chuck:

I did NOT scream during Chuck. I most certainly did not call my sister during two commercial breaks. SHE didn't answer the phone screaming. We're definitely not obsessed with Chuck. Definitely not. I didn't just decide that I'm going to get up and take a walk in the morning to think more about how the writers of Chuck are going to work everything out. Not me. I would pray while I walk.

Ahhhhh. Thank you MckMama for letting me destress after Chuck!

P.S. I did not just hit snooze on the alarm telling me to go to bed. I'm a responsible student who always goes to bed on time. (Psh. Yeah. Right.)

Hope you enjoyed what I didn't do tonight!

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