Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Fun Day

We had a family fun day yesterday. It was fun. Here is a comment collaboration of our day:

"We started off our family fun day by saving a squirrel! That's just like us..."

"You're not going to want to walk around Dresden like that..."
"Maybe around Beijing though!"

"Dad, I have a dilemma."
"Well make dilemonade"

"If I lived in groundhog day I would spend the entire day making decisions from my magic-8 ball. "

"My mouth is burning pleasantly"

"Now where are you taking us?" "He asked as he turns the car left... "

"You could get a lot done... robberies... murder..."

Ahhh the joys of family... "Fam[ily]"

Here are pictures of all the places we went:
The bank. Exciting, I know

VDO aka the thrift store... AMAZING. I got a great "new" pair of jeans!

Movies 10 to see The Blind Side... FANTASTIC

The mall to do a little tiny bit of shopping

CiCi's for dinner (yum)

The library to drop off and pick up some books :)

That was our funtastic family fun day! It was fun. 'nuff said. :D

1 comment:

Katie said...

YOU LIE. We also went to wal-mart at the end.