Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been told that I should write a post about homecoming. (And I said I would write one and it is now Wednesday. My apologies.)

Saturday was.... crazy. I took a PPSAT and drove to Boston Mills with Dad to get him his packet for the marathon on Sunday, and then we stopped and got flowers for Ricardo's boutonnière. Came home and went down to La Casa de Fullers and did Meg's nails and my nails and then came home, did a couple random things, made Ricardo's boutonnière, finished getting ready and then the evening's festivities began.

I went down to Kayt's and we took pictures. Here are some pictures! :) (Blogger does horrible things to the quality of these pictures! Sorry =/)

This is me. :)

This is also me!
This is not me. This is Jason and Kaytee.
Half of this is me. The other half is my friend and date for the night, Ricky.
(Who should really smile more *coughcough*)

This is me and Kaytee. Best friends for 8 years. Love that girl to death!
This is our entire group, L-R: Alexis, Jason, Katie, Shelby, Ricky, Me, Mary
All the girls :)
My corsage

Ricky's boutonnière (the picture should really be flipped. Sorry about that!)

Then we headed south towards the airport and went to dinner at the 365th Fighter Group for dinner. Very nice! Dinner was delish and we talked a lot about school (academic challenge! haha). We went out on the patio after dinner and took some more pictures. Some of us, some of the airport/airplanes. 

Ricardo y yo (That's "Ricky and me" in Spanish, y'all)
Jason, Katie, Ricky, and myself. I'd say we're a cute group :)
Airport! Couldn't resist putting a couple not-us pictures in :)

Plane taking off. They were mad at me because I didn't have my camera out to get it taxing around the first time =P

Barbed wire and a pretty sunset!
Mary and Shelby in front of the telephone booth outside the fighter group! 

Then we headed to the dance!

Centerpieces on the tables! So cute! :)

Becca & me (one of my new friends :)

Me&Meg :)

After the dance we went to Kayt's house and watched Iron Man 2. I think we can agree that a good night was had by all!

Thumbs up!

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