Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NIPTO, Day 248

Today was a good day. So was yesterday. I'll start with yesterday.

Finished blogging and left for Urban Vision. Was in the gym and did stickers mostly (the kids get a sticker for each "period" that they're in, unless they lose it by not following rules). Annnnd then I was in art, dinner, gym, art, and then there was ballet.
Ballet was mostly logistics. I don't think we actually did any dancing.
Then it was off to Jazz and Modern. We learned a little bit more of the jazz finale annd some of our modern dance which is exciting. I'm looking forward to this modern dance. It's sweet!
Then I came home and took a shower and went to bed.
Hit snooze about 5 or 6 times this morning. Annnd got up, got ready... went to Spanish. It was quiet without Sean and Carrie. Then I went to study hall and actually got something done *GASP*!
Annnd then it was lunch time... we ate outside because it was gorgeous out today! Then I sat in Mom's class and didn't do a whole lot because I got everything done! So I outlined my paper for Lit annd I got a call from Lauren about ballet stuff... annnd yeah. We cleaned up Mom's stuff, I went to the library while Mom went to the grocery store, annnnd then we came home and unloaded the car and here I am. At the computer. Listening to Dave Ramsey (LOVE HIM!) annnd blogging. Trying to be productive.

Hosea 4:1-19
1 Hear the word of the LORD, you Israelites,
       because the LORD has a charge to bring
       against you who live in the land:
       "There is no faithfulness, no love,
       no acknowledgment of God in the land.

This is the accusation against Israel. What they've done wrong.
God tells them that there is no faithfulness, love, or acknowledgement of God in the land. Whew. Steep accusation to start with! (None at all?)

 2 There is only cursing, lying and murder,
       stealing and adultery;
       they break all bounds,
       and bloodshed follows bloodshed.
3 Because of this the land mourns,
       and all who live in it waste away;
       the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
       and the fish of the sea are dying.

Instead of faithfulness, love, and acknowledgement of God, there is cursing, lying, murder, stealing, and adultery. Bloodshed follows bloodshed.
It sounds like this wouldn't be a very nice time to have lived!
But because they weren't faithful to God and were doing all those things, the land mourned. Everyone who lived there wasted away, the beasts, birds, and fish were dying.

4 "But let no man bring a charge,
       let no man accuse another,
       for your people are like those
       who bring charges against a priest.
5 You stumble day and night,
       and the prophets stumble with you.
       So I will destroy your mother-
6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

God tells them to not accuse each other. When they accuse each other, they're like the people who accuse a priest. 
They stumble around and the prophets stumbled with them. And because of that, God would destroy them. Because of that and their lack of knowledge.

       "Because you have rejected knowledge,
       I also reject you as my priests;
       because you have ignored the law of your God,
       I also will ignore your children.
7 The more the priests increased,
       the more they sinned against me;
       they exchanged their Glory for something disgraceful.
8 They feed on the sins of my people
       and relish their wickedness.
9 And it will be: Like people, like priests.
       I will punish both of them for their ways
       and repay them for their deeds.

Because they rejected knowledge, God rejected them as priests.
Because they ignored the law of God, he would ignore their children.
The more priests there were, the more they sinned. They exchanged the glory of being a priest for something disgraceful.
The priests fed on the sins of the people and relished in their wickedness. How wrong is that?
God told them that it would be "like people, like priests" (Like father, like daughter?)
God said that he would punish both parties for what they did. It didn't matter that one of them was supposed to be holy. Same treatment. God's cool and non judgmental like that.

10 "They will eat but not have enough;
       they will engage in prostitution but not increase,
       because they have deserted the LORD
       to give themselves
 11 to prostitution,
       to old wine and new,
       which take away the understanding 
12 of my people.
       They consult a wooden idol
       and are answered by a stick of wood.
       A spirit of prostitution leads them astray;
       they are unfaithful to their God.
 13 They sacrifice on the mountaintops
       and burn offerings on the hills,
       under oak, poplar and terebinth,
       where the shade is pleasant.
       Therefore your daughters turn to prostitution
       and your daughters-in-law to adultery.

They would have enough but would never be satisfied.
They gave themselves to others and not God and would not be prosperous. It took away their understanding. They worshiped idols. They asked the idols for answers and got "answers" from a stick of wood. They were led astray and forsook their God. 
They sacrificed to idols on mountains, burned offerings on hills, under trees where it was nice.
Because they did it, their children would turn to prostitution and adultery. 

14 "I will not punish your daughters
       when they turn to prostitution,
       nor your daughters-in-law
       when they commit adultery,
       because the men themselves consort with harlots
       and sacrifice with shrine prostitutes—
       a people without understanding will come to ruin!

God said he wouldn't punish them when they turn away because the men did the same thing. He couldn't punish the women and not the men too. 

15 "Though you commit adultery, O Israel,
       let not Judah become guilty.
       "Do not go to Gilgal;
       do not go up to Beth Aven.

       And do not swear, 'As surely as the LORD lives!'

God told the Israelits to go ahead and sin, but not to get the other countries involved. And don't swear "As surely as the LORD lives" because they weren't following him to swear by him.

16 The Israelites are stubborn,
       like a stubborn heifer.
       How then can the LORD pasture them
       like lambs in a meadow?
17 Ephraim is joined to idols;
       leave him alone!
18 Even when their drinks are gone,
       they continue their prostitution;
       their rulers dearly love shameful ways.
19 A whirlwind will sweep them away,
       and their sacrifices will bring them shame.

The Israelites were stubborn. God was kinda wondering "how can I make these people like lambs?"
Ephriam was an idol worshiper. God said to leave him alone. 
Even when they were "dry" they would keep trying to fulfill themselves. They loved what they did too much. But their shameful ways would bring them to shame.

That's intense.
And now, I've gotta go!
Hope you're doing well :)

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