Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To my best friend...

of 8 (is that right? I think so!) years. Happy Birthday.
You are a beautiful person. And I love you very much.
Today I started to reminisce... playing "indians," the tree house, the creek, catching fish, walks around the neighborhood, sitting on your front porch even when we have other things we should be doing, Tarbucks runs and walking around Target even when we don't need anything, youth group, football games, me coming to your soccer games and screaming "I LOVE THE KEEPERRRRR!" as loud as I can and then attacking you after the game. Laughter, tears, good times, and bad. You've been there through it all.

People. You don't understand. This girl is amazing.  She's the girl who will ask me how I'm doing and get a real answer out of me. She'll let me cry on her shoulder and she'll whisper in my ear that school is stupid. She's the one who knows the most about me. I'm probably in the top 2 of people who know the most about her. She's amazing. She's my best friend. And I love her very much.

Happy 17th birthday, Katie. You're a special person. Don't ever forget it.

Much love,

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