Thursday, October 7, 2010

NIPTO, Day 242


Today was a good day.
Did school. And got everything done. Which make things great.
And I babysat... that was okay. He got kinda upset about his homework. But we worked things out, kinda.
Came home for about 2 seconds, ran down to Kayt's house to ask her a question, came home and put my laundry away and ate dinner, then I went to the Homecoming Pep Rally at the high school. It was the first pep rally I've ever been to. 'Twas interesting. Funniest thing of the night: a bunch of boys dancing and doing acrobatics. Made my day! 7 1/2 minutes of amazingness. I'll have to post it on YouTube or something.

And now, NIPTO.

Joshua 24:16-27

16 Then the people answered, "Far be it from us to forsake the LORD to serve other gods! 17 It was the LORD our God himself who brought us and our fathers up out of Egypt, from that land of slavery, and performed those great signs before our eyes. He protected us on our entire journey and among all the nations through which we traveled. 18 And the LORD drove out before us all the nations, including the Amorites, who lived in the land. We too will serve the LORD, because he is our God."
Alright. Sooo Joshua had just given the people a message from God. (A message from the Lord! (Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie, anyone?)
Then the people responded to God's warning about following other gods.
They say that they would never serve other gods. Because God brought them out of Egypt and did miracles in front of them. He protected them and drove out nations in front of them. "We too will serve the LORD, because he is our God." 
I like that line. I feel like that should become a "slogan" of sorts for my generation. Joshua 24:18b. We will serve him because he is our God. He's not other people's God, he's OUR God.

 19 Joshua said to the people, "You are not able to serve the LORD. He is a holy God; he is a jealous God. He will not forgive your rebellion and your sins. 20 If you forsake the LORD and serve foreign gods, he will turn and bring disaster on you and make an end of you, after he has been good to you."  21 But the people said to Joshua, "No! We will serve the LORD."
22 Then Joshua said, "You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen to serve the LORD."
      "Yes, we are witnesses," they replied.
Joshua told them that they aren't able to serve God. We're not able to serve God. Why? Because he is holy. He is jealous. Thankfully we have Jesus who made us holy, but them? They didn't have Jesus yet. If they turned away from God, he would destroy them. 
The people said that they would serve God.
Joshua told them that they were witnesses against themselves that they had chosen to serve God, and they readily agreed.

 23 "Now then," said Joshua, "throw away the foreign gods that are among you and yield your hearts to the LORD, the God of Israel."
24 And the people said to Joshua, "We will serve the LORD our God and obey him."
Joshua then told them to throw away alllllll the foreign gods that they had and to "yield [their] hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel."
The people said that they would serve God and obey him.

 25 On that day Joshua made a covenant for the people, and there at Shechem he drew up for them decrees and laws. 26 And Joshua recorded these things in the Book of the Law of God. Then he took a large stone and set it up there under the oak near the holy place of the LORD.
Joshua made a covenant for the people. He made laws and decrees. He recorded them in the Book of the Law of God. And he set up a stone near the holy place as a memorial/remembrance thing.

 27 "See!" he said to all the people. "This stone will be a witness against us. It has heard all the words the LORD has said to us. It will be a witness against you if you are untrue to your God."
Ahh. The stone was their witness. I see. (It's a little odd, but it works!)

And now, my dear readers, I must away to bed. Because tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow = school, babysitting, homecoming football game which includes 8th grade night and homecoming court stuff. And a cool half-time show, I hear!
I'll let ya know how it all goes down!
Have a good day/evening!

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POST IT!!! I want to see this awesomeness.

And by the way, I actually have been reading your blog some! It's a good study break :-)