Monday, May 31, 2010

Driving With Abby- Back roads edition

Hello dear readers. I have survived another driving excursion with my father.
I had a mission: return 2 DVDs (The Spy Next Door&The Princess&the Frog) to a RedBox at Giant Eagle. (For those of you who are familiar with the area, I went to the one on Waterloo, not Boettler)

I drove around the neighborhood a few times just to get back in the swing of things after a month of not driving! Then I drove. On back roads. With other cars. And like, 35 mph speed limits! And bendy/curvy roads. It was kinda crazy. But I got a full hour of driving in. So that's good. 10 minutes of it was even night driving because I went back out with Dad to go take a neighbor's trash out. So that took a while. And I drove around a little extra just to get that full hour.

There was a biker on one side of the road and a car on the other and I had to go between them at one point. And then I had to gun it to turn. But I made it and everyone is still alive. Soo that's good.

I tend to drive on the far far right side of the road. Like almost over the white line. But I'm trying to remedy that. On the way back I felt like I was driving in the middle of the road. But I was really just where I needed to be. It's strange. But I'm getting more accustomed to where I'm supposed to be on the road.

I forgot to signal at one point in our neighborhood. Dad simply stated: Fail. I would have failed my drivers test, but I'm getting more used to signaling every single time I turn whether I need to or not!

I think I'll start today's NIPTO post now... :)


Ruthie said...

fun fun!!! in no time at all driving and signaling, etc will be second nature!

Katie said...

likes this a WHOOOOOLE bunch. yup, even when I don't drive for months after being at school, I can still get (pretty much) right back in the swing of things. It gets in your muscle memory eventually. That's why you have to practice so much. Good job sister! :-D