Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hannah's Graduation Party

Hannah's graduation party was last week. I told myself and my readers that I was going to do a post on it sometime. I haven't... yet.

Hannah's graduation party was a LOT of fun! Even Katie kind of made an "appearance"  via Skype! There were soooo many people. From our calculations 130 people came between 1-8. Crazy, huh?
So here are some pictures :)
The candles that were on the tables
The flowers that were on the tables (the ribbon is adorable. I know!)

Mom being a BEAST making 10 pans of lasagna!

The garage from the outside
The food tables
Me&the Grad
The tent outside

Hannah's dangerous!

Veena's gorgeous fruit bowl!

  Dessert table! YUM.
The food tables!
It rained a little bit... *sigh*

Jeremiah stays positive, even if it rains!

Jeremiah, Erin, and Caleb (C2!)

Toby again!

You might not be able to tell, but Zakk is sitting on a chair on a chair. Silly boy! (sorry this is sideways! I didn't rotate it before I uploaded it :)
Riley boy!

Sophia, Emma, and Alissa rolling down the hill

Riley running and enjoying every minute of it!

Sophia (she's gorgeous!)

Hannah and Haddie! (Sophia, Riley, and Haddie are siblings. Their mom's blog is here. She writes good stuff! And you can also see more of those adorable kids!)

Aren't those pictures fabulous?
I would say they are... but I took all of them! haha.
Hope you had a good weekend! Here's to starting the week well!

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Beautiful pictures of wonderful people. :-D