Saturday, May 1, 2010


My sister is gradumatated. Congrats girlie! I love you!!!

We had a good day today (even if I didn't get to sleep in and got up at the exact same time as yesterday. A school day... harumph. Saturdays are my sleeping in days... OH WELL).
Here are some pictures from graduation! It was pretty exciting. She's officially graduated. CRAZY. I'm going to be alone next year. And I'll have my parent's undivided attention... JOY. Just kidding. I'll probably love it haha! Enjoy the pics!
Hannah, my gorgeous, graduated sister!

Me and Hannah before the ceremony started!

Katie, Hannah, and me! I love these girls... like sisters! haha
 The three Graduates! (Yes. There were only three of them)
Michelle, Kenna, and Hannah

"Congraduations" Yes. That is what my dad said. I heard him. Don't try to deny it, Dad.

Tassel flipped. Officially graduated! Congrats girlie!

The family! (l-r: Dad, Mom, Katie, Hannah, Lisa, Me, Kammy (a friend), and Meme&Pops are in the front!)

Silly picture!

CAKE! You girls finally made it. Congratulations!
 It's so weird. She's gonna be GONE next year. Well. Not that far gone... but still. Gone. I'm not going to have anyone to come in and sit on the end of my bed and talk to me... when I really want to sleep. (I do love it when you sit on the end of my bed and talk, Hannah. You just talk a lot. (Which is weird for those of you who don't really know Hannah. She seems quiet. But she's really the one who makes our family laugh the most!) But I love you for talking a lot) So what I'm really saying about it is this: Beware of the quiet ones! They'll get you every time. =P

And now for a video of Pomp and Circumstance... because what's a graduation post with out it?! (You're correct: NOTHING!) (This was the first video I found that was what I wanted. I like the part near the end. Don't know what I'm talking about? I guess you'll have to watch it to find out!)

Hope you had a great Saturday! I think I'm going ot work on my NIPTO post now and then maybe do some work on a presentation I have to do for History class... woot!
Another congrats to my sister! Love you beb!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Abby

You are quite silly. I'm glad you didn't make all the "congratulations" with no l. It would have gotten annoying. hehe. And did I mention you're silly? I think I did. I like the pics though.


Dear other readers,
She's right.
Watch out for us quiet ones.
Quiet Voice