Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shoes, cute kids, and sunsets

Hello! I thought that since I had some time, I'd upload some pictures here :)

Mi madre y yo went to the thrift store today. I got a bunch of shorts and 2 awesome pairs of shoes. One of which I'm going to take a picture of and post here because words cannot describe their awesomeness. 

Yeah. Those are pink hightops. Converse. Three dollars and fifty cents. $3.50. For a pair of converse!! They're used&dirty... but they can be cleaned up. They also need new shoelaces. But I can deal with that!
The other shoes that I got were bright orange sandals. They're pretty sweet too. :)

Are you ready for a little bit of a montage?

This is D

This is what he was doing

This was the start of how much he enjoyed it

Aren't his dimples cute as can be??

I just want to pinch his cheeks! SO cute!

This is Z. Don't let this picture deceive you. He's pretty crazy. But very sweet
I love D&Z. They're adorable.... when they're not running around like maniacs! =P

There were a couple of pretty sunsets... One on the night of Hannah's graduation party (a week ago today! Crazy..) and there were some pretty clouds last night. So here are a couple pictures of those :)

This was the sunset on the night of H's grad party. Even prettier in person, but still amazing

These were some of the clouds last night. GORGEOUS!

These two pictures weren't actually taken on the same night. They were stunning sunsets :)

Gorgeous, huh?
Hmmm... Now is when I decide whether to undertake uploading graduation party pictures... hmm... Maybe in a separate post.

I guess that's it for now!

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anna said...

These are super great. ALSO the deal on the converse...that's a great find!
Please come to BG and study photography...OKAY GREAT.

- Anna J :)