Friday, May 28, 2010

NIPTO, Day 110

tHello blog readers!

It's another beautiful day here in OH (IO)!
Hannah and I went on a walk this morning before it got too hot. I like walking at 7 because it's about 60 degrees. And that's perfect. :) And then Mom&Dad&Uncle Randy (My dad's brother) went on a walk this evening and it was another perfect evening (more like 70 degrees). And there were a couple gorgeous clouds. I took some pictures. I should put them up. I'm soooo lazy. =P I've been slacking on the pictures side of things recently. I'll try to get some up this weekend. Try being the operative word. No promises ;)

So You Think You Can Dance started last night. Season seven is going to be off the hook! There are so many good dancers! It makes me feel like I'm not a very good dancer, but whatever. I'm good enough. I actually just read a post on Stuff Christians Like (a hilarious blog that is addicting. Don't say I didn't warn you!) this morning that was a good reminder to not belittle myself. If you'd like to read this post, you can click here! Don't be fooled by his silly start. It gets good! is a fun place. I was just doing some vocab. It's good for my SAT prep... YAY (not really "yay"... But you get the picture)
You can also do languages and geography... and chemistry and art and a bunch of other stuff. It's really fun :) You should check it out.
Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that for every answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to a third world country through the World Food Program. Cool, eh?

I'm talking with Hannah. I like talking to Hannah. We usually have random conversations. And it's nice to be able to complain to someone who just listens and makes an occasional comment. (muahaha. I love talking about Hannah while I'm talking to her. (Compassion! WOOT =P) She knows exactly what I'm talking about. Again: Muahaha)

Alrighty. I think it's time to NIPTO. (I was going to be all like "do you like how I made nipto a verb?" But then I realized that nipto is a verb. Oops. YAY me.) (On a completely unrelated note, I'm glad that function+t doesn't do anything because Hannah's fn&ctrl keys are switched...)
Romans 14:9-12
 9For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.

You might be wondering what "this very reason" is if you didn't read my blog post yesterday. Admittedly, that was a long time ago. (Ya know, all of 36 hours or something like that!) Paul's "very reason" is because we belong to Christ in life and death. As is stated in verse 8. If you're on my home-page, you can scroll down to yesterday's post and read about that :)
But because we belong to Christ in life and death, he died and returned to life so that he can... commiserate isn't the right word... be sympathetic to us? I'm not sure. But I think you probably get my drift.

10You, then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God's judgment seat.

Paul's like "You. Yeah. You. Why are you judging other people? Why do you look down on your brother who is your equal? We're all going to be judged some day. It's not our job to judge others. Even though some may feel like it is. (For judges, it is their job. But their not judging people spiritually.)

11It is written:
   " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord,
   'every knee will bow before me;
      every tongue will confess to God.' "

I love this picture. Every knee bowing down. Every tongue confessing. Every. Single. Person. Crazy!

12So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God. 

And once we all bow down and confess... we're going to give God an account of ourselves. Erm. I always thought that God was the one judging... and that he knew everything... Why do I have to give an account of myself to God? 
To be honest, I'm not completely sure. But maybe tomorrow will hold some answers. 

It's late. Like, tomorrow late. So I'm going to go to sleep now. And give my sister her laptop back... I kind of hijacked it when she went to work. Because mine has been acting up. I'm pretty sure I restarted it 10 times before noon. But I'm not sure how many count as "full" restarts... because it would freeze while booting. Ohhhhh dear. I need mi padre to look at it tomorrow. It's frustrating. But I'm thankful that Hannah has a computer that she's willing to let her little sister borrow for a while :) Thanks, Hannah!
My readers thank you too... unless, of course, they hate my blog and would rather that I don't post anything for a day.... (And to be technical, I didn't post anything on the 28th of May... but it's going to say that I posted something on the 28th of May.)
Ok. I'm starting to ramble. If I keep going, I might reveal my deepest darkest secrets under the influence of lack of sleep. Or tiredness. Yeah. The second one.

Goodnight dear readers (or good morning to Katie, who's getting up to go to Prague today! Lucky duck... You can read her blog here. It's pretty cool. I like it. Although I might be a little bit partial. Because she's my sister and all. But whatever. Go read her blog. It's good!!)

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