Thursday, May 6, 2010

Train of thought

Today, we mulched. We didn't finish mulching, but we mulched. Now the word "mulch" looks funny. I'm tired. And kinda sore. But I feel somewhat accomplished. I mean, we had this big pile of mulch this morning. And it's less than half of what it was. (I think. I could be really off... wishful thinking at any rate!)
But I'm sore. My fingernails hurt. My toenails hurt. Crazy, huh?
I just saw the pile again. It's definitely less than half of what it was. YAY!
Less to do tomorrow... except we'll probably start on cleaning out the garage...
Deep breaths.
Enjoy Panera.
Get a mocha.
Be happy.
Get warm.
Listen to Disney on Pandora.
Listen to the jazzy music playing at Panera when your computer is slow and won't load Pandora.
Look at pictures.
Stop writing pointless things so you can actually finish that post about Encounter...
I think I'll stop now. I guess. haha.

That's a quick insight into my mind right now.

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