Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Conversation Collage

I'm just making that up based on hype.

You're like God. You like everybody.

If I get deathly ill, we won't know what to blame it on!

Katie makes eating an adventure.

Jesus wasn't a perfect little angel baby. There are ways to be difficult without sinning. Like crying all the time.

"If it tasted like a donkey's back side, I'd still eat it if it's ice cream cake!"  "Then I'm going to make you a ice cream cake that tastes like a donkey's back side!"

"Now we need footwear!"

It takes one, and a vacuum, to tango!

"Always use 'drank'!" "I'm so drankkk"

There's a fine line between Shawn Spencer and the Grinch.

Who needs Google when you have Martha?!

I looked up 'Oliver Twit' instead of 'Oliver Twist'!

"When do we go? Where do I get my visa? Passport?" "Monterey is in California..." "Oh..."

I can see the Pacific ocean from France!

Don't forget the vodka soup.

Llama face! Cassarole!

I'm depressed. But I'm still joyful!

"If stone soup is made of stones, and vodka soup is made of vodka, then what's ballerina soup made of?" "Satin."

"If apple juice is made out of apples, and orange juice is made of oranges, then what is Jesus juice made of?" "Fermented grapes, dear."

"I want beef bacon!"

"You're an Arkansas for lifer"

"Tape? What's TAPE?"

"That girl has mad aloe"

"Stop tangoing with the floor"

"I don't believe you." "You don't have to."

"Were they taken in the same heist? Nevermind. I just wanted to say heist."

"I speak punnish!"

"I wish she would just say 'squirrel!' and be done with it already!"

"Don't say that word!" "What word?" "Katie!"

"If I murdered someone in the hallway, could I move them into the storage closet?"

"I'm dreaming of a white Martin Luther King Jr. Day...." *everyone else busts up laughing* "OH!"

"I love having our family together!"

And thus concludes all the crazy sayings that happened over Christmas break!

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H. Yackley said...

Why do I not remember half of these???!!!

And it's casserole.

And I'm glad it's Satin and not Satan, because I was worried for a second...