Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie Marathon Conversation Collage

The ridiculous ramblings sayings that are taken out of context from our Johnny Depp movie marathon! [Tuesday night&Wednesday]. Enjoy! (I'm posting this on facebook too... :)

... short people are awkward and weird.

"I speak broken punnish" is even funnier than "I speak punnish"!

Helicopters are aerodynamically weird. They shouldn't be able to fly.

They have pre-dug holes!

Is this an inter-racial relationship because your socks are colored?

I don't care about anything.

We would have a lot more purple and orange in the world. I'll tell you that!

Jesus is a cop-out for anything. Except squirrels.

You think he's not listening until he is.

I just happened. Oh man.

I'd really rather that Jesus was not your feet.

It's like two people with braces kissing. They figure it out.

I don't like Hollywood. No one gets shot!

It would take off and take your pants with it!

Our dad is an estrogen-hardy man.

The brown one was beautiful. Why does he need a grey one?

It's a Twix commercial!

Her dress is like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

It's Hannah Yackley!

As if there's a thing as lawful seduction?

Nooo! Why?!?! So she's a witch! (I have this written down, but have NO recollection of what it was about...)

She went off with the government censorship guy!

"I think that's proper for 'dead.'" "Oh! So that means you're available?"

You can run and tell that, homeboy!

Oh my gosh they took the back of the house off!

They were dead the whole time?!

He's snoring. *bursts of giggles*

It's like there's a tiny man being strangled in your freezer.

I had to literally remove him!

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