Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tornado Tuesday and Wiped-Out Wednesday

SO. You want to hear about yesterday and today? Well, you're in the right spot!
Yesterday: Got up and did school or whatever... that was uneventful. Then I went to Urban Vision and sat in the gym/played with the kids for... an hour and a half ish? LaTajare came and sat on my lap for a long time. She had a headache and wasn't up for running around in the crazy gym. I loved just having her sit on my lap. She's such a sweetheart!
While I was in the gym, Jeff came in and was taking a couple of the kids out to talk about prayer requests and how things are going and whatnot, and he came in and saw me and was like "Oh! I need to talk to you!" Annnd he offered me an internship at Urban Vision this summer! So I'm thinking about that... I still need a little more information and stuff. So yeah. But that was exciting!

I also taught (in the loosest sense of the word!) my first ballet (if you can call it that...) class yesterday, too! It was... harder than I thought it would be! An hour is a really long time to keep eight 9-11 year olds occupied with ballet. Soo yeah. It was good... for the most part. I have some books from the library out on ballet&teaching dance and whatnot. (But they say that there's nothing you can get from a book that you can't get from a television faster... hm... maybe I should watch some TV shows or instructional DVDs about teaching? hahaha)
After teaching Mom&I dropped Eh Dah Po off and then I went to my dance classes. Annnnnd yeah. Those were good too. We learned a sweet combination for Jazz that might be in our new dance... still haven't decided what we're dancing to yet. (Grenade by Bruno Mars or another song that I'm not quite sure what it is... maybe Politics of Dancing? Not sure. The combination was to Grenade. Super sweet!)
We looked at 2 dance costume catalogs for a specific costume for our modern class, but Nancy, apparently, didn't leave the right book. Annnnd we lifted Emma and didn't drop her (kinda!) so that's good. Annnd I drove home and that went well.
I ate when I got home because I was starving and we always talk about food during dance, so I ate and blogged and did whatever. And that kept me up until 11:30.

Today: I got up too early. But I actually got up on time. It was just too early for my body's clock. I didn't get my allotted 9 hours of sleep. I only got... *gasp* EIGHT.
Got ready and whatnot. Went to Spanish class with the Runers. Made it through class. Did my physics and then had to move classrooms. Did more school. Ate lunch. Sat in Mom's class and did school. Packed up and went to the library while Mom went to the grocery store. I got a bunch of movies and a few books. So yes. Then we came home and put groceries away, finished geometry, and relaxed! And to relax I watched Stick It. Then Mom and I ate dinner, I helped her clean up and stuff, and then I did NIPTO.
And RIGHT NOW I'm watching American Idol and blogging. Next commercial break I'm going to start getting ready for bed.
The new season of American Idol is... decent. I like the judges more than I thought I would.
And I'm going to sign off and turn the computer off for the night! :)

Goodnight! I hope this was a good update!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Abby!!! :)

(I clicked to your blog through Facebook, fyi ;).)
First - Mrs. Hoffman gave me a movie on kinesiology and anatomy, especially for ballet teachers. That's proving VERY beneficial :). She said she would be willing to come to watch class and give us pointers.... your thoughts? She can TOTALLY keep girls' attention on ballet, and I have watched her do it!
And of course I do classes with her too :).

Second - I was offered the internship thing too!! Oh I do hope you can do it... I'm seriously praying it will work out! :D (Of course, trying to figure out MY dance situation for summer is the problem. Go figure.)

You did an amazing job for a first day of teaching! Keep it up! ;).