Saturday, December 18, 2010

A crazy couple of days...

Okay. So. Yesterday. Friday. I did school and whatnot. I watched Elf. Annnnnnd I didn't have to babysit!
Around 4:00, Katie and Hannah got home from school for BREAK! So they'll be home until January. So that's exciting. So we hauled all their stuff upstairs and to the basement and made sure that the house was in party form. Then, at 7:00, we had a partay! Well, my parents had a party. It was their annual neighborhood Christmas party that Katie, Hannah, and I "crashed." Read: we were the only teenagers there. So we talked to people, ate food, talked to people some more and whatnot. We had a white-elephant gift exchange which was awesomeee. And I laughed A TON. Because my next door neighbor is hilarious. And yeah. So that was really fun. People left around 11. We cleaned up. I blogged. I went to bed.

Got up this morning, got ready and whatever. Went to play practice. Read my lines. Read some other people who weren't there's lines. Ate two pieces of pizza. Came home. Flat ironed my hair and put makeup on. Got dressed for ze wedding. Ran around trying to find last minute pieces of outfits. Annd then we were off!
Ahhhh. The Kline-Wyszynski wedding. It was gorgeous. The church that it was at was beautiful. Lauren looked gorgeous. As did her maids of honor&brides maids. I cried. Of course. I always cry at weddings. But yes, it was gorgeous all around.

Here are some pictures of the wedding, and a couple from the reception!

Lauren and Tim exchanging rings

Lighting the unity candle.
The parents praying with Lauren and Tim

Aaaaaaand the kiss. :)

Mr & Mrs

It was great to see people that we hadn't seen in a long time, too!
Me, Morgan, and Katelyn!
We were the three musketeers back in the day!

Me&Erin&Hailee! :) 

Hailee, Erin, Erin, Hannah, and Katie :)
Lauren and Katie... friends since 6 mo. and birth, respectively! 

Tony dancing. Baaahaha. Love that kid.

The faaam! :)

Mom&Dad dancing... dawwwww
Yay for weddings (drinks all around! hah!)

Their wedding was discreetly OSU themed. (Bridesmaid dresses were red, tables had grey center cloth things, flowers were white w/ red, centerpieces were dark red...)
Here are a couple pictures of the cakes that were on every table. It kind of gives it away. ;)
Sooo pretty! 

Delicious too!

Buckeyes on top too!

But now I'm exhausted. And I have church and play practice and the actual PLAY tomorrow! So I think I'm going to head to bed.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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