Monday, June 14, 2010

Driving With Abby-EXPRESSWAY!

Yesterday I went driving. For about an hour. I drove to Giant Eagle. And I made my first mistake coming out of our neighborhood. I forgot to signal. (And I didn't have my lights on, but that wasn't as big of a deal because it was sunny.)
I parked semi-successfully at Giant Eagle... I probably would've been okay, but I pulled through anyways. We got our newspaper... and then started out for a gas station. And I got on Massilon Road... which is kind of crazy... annnnd then I got on the expressway. And it was insane. You're going so fast. And you have to pay attention to so many things. But I got home. And I drove on the expressway successfully. And then I turned right onto Arlington and got gas at the Speedway there... then turned right on Arlington again and went home the 'back way' and didn't die on Arlington...
Drove around the neighborhood for a while... dropped the newspaper off at home. Drove to Target... or the parking lot behind Target. Practiced parking and maneuverability. Let's just say that looking over your shoulder is SO much easier than looking in your mirrors!
Thennn we went to Target. And I officially hate that three way intersection. Because people don't get it. But that was on the way out. On the way in it was fine because I had the right of way. So it's all cool. I parked. Between two cars. And then pulled through because the people who were parked there were just pulling out.
Got Reese's Cups for the ice cream pie I'm making for June birthdays for Encounter. (You can see how to make it here :)
Drove home. And didn't die. So it's alllllll good. But I was definitely ready to be done driving after an hour!

And thus concludes Driving With Abby-EXPRESSWAY!

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